Eat Well for Less

It is of great importance to many of us right now to look after what money we have. And to make optimal use of it therefore. Part of that is of course eating, and food. But you can eat well without having to spend a large amount of money. Here is how to eat well for less.

Eat Well for Less – Don’t Stick To One Supermarket

All supermarkets sell some things cheaper than others and many things for more. To get best value for all that you buy, you need to shop around. Naturally, a cheaper supermarket such as Aldi will sell things for less than Waitrose, on average. You can check all their prices online. Many of the cheaper supermarkets sell brand names for less, and there can no doubt over inferior quality for a tin of Heinz soup! It’s the same wherever you get it from.


There are so many vouchers swimming around for supermarkets that there is little reason why the majority of the food you buy should cost less than its normal price. This is especially so when you double up with offers. I get vouchers for repeated use with Waitrose. They are not the cheapest of course, but most of their products are not as expensive 

Eat Well for Less – Offers

Offers are everywhere when food shopping, and are your friend, as long as you are sensible. And by sensible i mean that you do not think that something being good value must therefore be bought. This is simply not what you should do. Items are only good value if you intended to buy them whether reduced or not. so if like me you are not picky about certain foodstuffs, such as cheddar cheese or anchovies, pick the product that is reduced. But do not hoover up every offer going. You need to retain discipline at all times. 

Non-Supermarket Options

During lock down i discovered a whole new world out there away from the supermarkets. I took delivery from my local greengrocers, and from online suppliers of meat. And they all want your custom, so there are some amazing offers out there. This is especially so if you have the means to buy in bulk and thus freezer space. Many of us use supermarkets for their clear convenience, but there is plenty of choice out there. 

Online Shopping

There are bargains to be had online. Mainly because supermarkets offer discounts often for online shopping, and because you can see clearly the offers on the website. Though as always, use offers sensibly. But the good deals do not come just from supermarkets, as mentioned in the previous paragraph. Look out for a range of offers, especially for new customers, from online butchers, meat providers and greengrocers. Plus the growing number of companies that offer ready made meals, or meal kits for those with busy lives.

Government Assistance & Restaurants

Following the government initiatives to get us all eating out again to boost the economy, many offers will remain. The government subsistence scheme ended at as August finished. but many restaurants are taking over the discounts to keep the customers coming. See what is available in your area.