Good Reasons To Buy 2nd Hand Items

To state the obvious, we all spend our lives buying, buying, buying. It is impossible not to. We need certain items to survive, to get through the day. We also like the occasional treat, as it makes us feel better, and life is for living. However, many of us only buy items that are new, when there are many good reasons to buy 2nd hand.
There are economic and moral reasons to do so, but many of us struggle to equate 2nd hand goods as sensible buying. Hopefully I can persuade you otherwise, whether you are on a tight budget or just want to shop more responsibly.

It’s Cheaper/Better Value

When you buy second-hand, you are naturally going to get the item at a cheaper price than if it was new. Often this is with no downgrade in quality, so it serves little purpose buying new. We all like good value! This is as long as you do your research and ensure the quality is as it should be, and is bought off a trusted seller. You could be looking at as much as a 50 percent reduction in cost for some things such as furniture. Clothes and books, to quote just two examples, can be much, much more than 50% cheaper.

2nd Hand Purchasing Is Fun

Many people, me included, love hunting out a bargain. Be it a car boot sale, online or a charity shop, there is a joy to discovering a bargain. A thrill too, that buying something new and packages just does not bring. Much of the fun is in the looking, the researching and finding that gem.

It’s Good For The Environment

When you buy a second-hand item you are helping the environment. This has to be a positive for everyone. With the global catastrophe that is waste in our oceans and on land, especially from plastic, recycling items in this way is a great idea. Thus fewer items have to be produced, helping the planet. Less is being taken to landfill sites because items are being recycled and re-used rather than being discarded.

Designer Clothes, Cars etc

There are quite a few products that are simply too expensive for most of us to buy new. Most of us buy cars that are not new, so why the reluctance to do likewise with other products? Designer labels are by their very nature expensive. Buying second-hand is the perfect solution. Many people take older designer clothes to charity shops or boot sales. This means you can really pick up a bargain.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Hunting for value in 2nd hand items means every day is different, and fun. New items appear every day, so there is no end to the bargain hunting you can do. If you can’t find anything, then don’t worry – just try again the next day.