How Can A Quick Cash Loan Help Me?

Sometimes you can be left with an unexpected financial emergency and will be in need of a quick loan to cover urgent bills, sometimes you just need a fast, short term loan solution to cover immediate costs. Unexpected expenses can appear quickly. They could be a medical emergency, a car repair or perhaps a boiler breakdown? Instead of applying for a long term personal loan at the bank, a fast, online loan through us could be a more convenient solution. How can a quick cash loan help me?

How Can A Quick Cash Loan Help Me? – What is a Quick Loan?

A quick loan is a form of short term personal credit built for speed and convenience. Quick loan products are designed to provide fast solution for cash emergencies. This type of unsecured finance is often suitable for those with relatively poor credit, as the loan amounts are quite small and the loan periods are short.

How Fast Will I Receive My Money?

If an online loan application is successful, funds are usually transferred the same day, particularly if you apply during business hours. When you receive your funds will be dependent on your bank’s policies and procedures.

Faster Payments

If your bank supports faster payments, and you need money today, cash can usually be transferred within the hour, often within 15 minutes. Before faster payments became available, it could often take 2-3 days for funds to reach customer bank accounts. This meant that customers dealing with an urgent cash emergency often had to deal with the stress of waiting to receive their money.

How Can A Quick Cash Loan Help Me? – How Much Can I Borrow?

If you apply for a loan with Moolr you are able to borrow anything between £100 and £5000. If you are looking to borrow a large amount of money quickly, you should make sure your credit file is up to date to ensure you give yourself the best chance of approval.

How Can A Quick Cash Loan Help Me? – When Would I Use A Quick Loan?

Quick credit solution loans can often help manage short term financial problems that may include:

  • Vehicle breakdown
  • Paying unexpected bills
  • Home repairs
  • Unexpected expenses
  • Breaking down the cost of a larger purchase
  • Covering or contributing to the cost of a loved one’s funeral

When Would I Not Use A Quick Loan

Quick loan products can be suitable for emergency situations. However, there are some instances when a fast credit option is not advised, including:

  • Repaying other forms of credit
  • Pay bills such as gas, electricity, water rates, TV license, council tax or rent
  • To pay a company demanding payments
  • Entertainment
  • Luxury purchases