How can I finance my business expansion?

When you are a small business enterprise and looking at expanding it can be difficult to choose a method of financing the expansion of the business. There are several methods available to you to expand your business without a bad credit loan or breaking the bank. We have collected a few of them for your benefit below, including looking at the possibility of an unsecured business loan:

Project-focused funding

Instead of trying to raise capital from investors for your business as a whole, you may want to look for funding for a single aspect or project of the business. This allows you to establish areas you think are currently or going to be profitable. Investment in the project is then paid back to the investors through the cash flow generated by the project. Importantly, everything is tied to a specific project instead of the business as a whole.


Partnerships come in many forms, but the one of most interest to your business is a local partnership. Seek out other companies in the local area to partner with. This enables both companies to grow in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Overseas investment

Although this is one of the trickiest methods of gaining an unsecured business loan, don’t discount it. Attracting an overseas investor is a surefire way of increasing your available financing at little risk to your business. There has been a rise in investment from international investors in British business, especially from China. You should be careful as to how much control an investor gains of your business. This method also avoids the need for taking out a loan, especially if you are in bad credit.


Depending on which part of the United Kingdom your business is based in, you may be eligible for grants or regional funding. These are to develop your business. This is an alternative to an unsecured business loan. Especially if you can prove that you will be providing jobs to the local area, you can apply for assistance from your local council. If you have had a bad credit loan that you have failed to pay off, a grant may be a good solution for your business.

Unsecured business loans

An unsecured business loan is a method of funding which requires no personal or business asset as collateral. These type of loans require that you show the lender an excellent credit rating with regular repayments. You also need to show an excellent financial forecast so may not be ideal for you if you have bad credit.

When taking out an unsecured business loan, you must provide detailed cash flow analysis. You must pay a regular monthly repayment including interest during the loan period. It is worth noting that an unsecured business loan will demand a higher interest rate. This is due to the higher risks involved in granting the loan.