How can I save more money?

The answer to the question of “how can I save more money?” is pretty simple in the end. It all boils down to being smarter with your spending habits and making good decisions.

Let’s look at one example. Do I really need to go on that night out every Friday? Could I cook at home rather than having takeout every evening?

Often it seems like it can be challenging to make the right choice and save money at the same time. You can save money without ruining your life after all. In the case of needing more than you can keep, you can look into a payday loan or a personal loan.

First off, try to cut costs in travel by walking to work if that’s possible. Not only will it be healthier, but it will also save significantly on public transportation costs and fuel.

Next, you could cut your costs on travel by travelling during off-peak times on the railway. Book your tickets in advance and walk between stations where possible, especially in London.

For entertainment, there are hundreds of free museums, art galleries, public parks and national walks you can go on to save money and go outdoors a little too.

Another suitable method of keeping your money in check is to go through your bank account statements and direct debits. Check for any subscriptions or services that you no longer use which may still be paying out, and cancel them.

Lastly, there are hundreds of money saving apps available for your phone. Most notably, Too Good To Go which is designed to reduce food waste by selling fresh but unsold produce at outlets at a reduced cost.  You and planning ahead means that you could be eating better meals for significantly less!