How to Boost Your Credit Score

Look After Your Credit Score

Your credit score could be the difference between you being eligible for you getting that loan. The one you have been wanting for a while now. Therefore, look after your credit score. If you are forever worrying about your score, don’t fret it. Moolr have put together a short list below regarding a few tips you could put into action to help bring those numbers up.  

Get a Credit Card 


Gathering one or two pieces of plastic can do great things for your score. Just be sure not to charge too much to the account as this could put you in a possible debt crisis. A crisis which you can’t afford to be a part of.  

Raise Your Credit Card Limit 


To get a higher score out of using your credit card try asking your creditors to increase your limit that you can spend each month. This will put you in charge of more money per month and will show your creditors that you can be responsible.   

Be careful not to spend too much money on the extended credit limit. This could mean that your credit rating could decrease again. Only do this method if you trust yourself not to fall into bad habits.  

Become an Authorised User! 


This basically means that you are asking a friend or family member to put your name on their existing credit card account. This is a sure-fire way to help bump up your score. It shows you are responsible with another body’s money and held accountable for their account as well. By doing this you can show that you can be responsible with your credit!  

Of course, it might be tricky to get yourself signed onto someone else’s credit card account in the first place, but if you are lucky enough to have this opportunity, then seize it and show you can be responsible.  

Late Payments 


Lastly, one simple step is to avoid paying off anything late. Whether that be bills or loans, make sure they are paid off within the set timescale to help ensure your good credit rating.  


By following some of the above tips and help from some advisors, you can be sure to get your credit score back on track!  


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