How To Combat Rising Food Prices

Global forces work constantly to continually push the price of food up each year.  In some years, this may be due to a weak currency, floods, droughts and other issues. For the UK, Brexit’s effects, whilst still uncertain in many areas, will only exacerbate the problem. Without EU rebates and trade deals, the price and supply of food from the UK will be a big problem. That’s why we all need to adjust how we shop, source food and look at how to combat rising food prices.

Prices Are Linked

The full supply chain of so many foods is so interlinked that when a single product rises, many other prices will then rise too.  Thus, it’s important to adhere to some key rules and practices in place to save money.

Make a List and Don’t Deviate

One of the biggest culprits in overspending at the grocer is impulse buying.  When you have a few specific meals in mind you are in control. The associated ingredients listed helps you with a structure to purchases. It doesn’t help though when you are enticed by all the goods on offer. Or items strategically placed to lure you in.  These items are often unnecessary and marked up more because stores know shoppers are vulnerable.

Buy in Bulk

This is a commonly known shopping tip, but not everybody takes full advantage of it.  Even with fresh foods, there’s always the opportunity to freeze what you don’t use initially. Stretch the near-term budget a little bit to obtain value. and thus by spending a bit extra to buy in bulk in a single month, it may save money the rest of the year.

Batch Process Your Meals

Aside from buying in bulk, consider cooking and eating in bulk as well.  Living alone, I have to plan meals a lot to avoid waste. I find it advantageous to cook the same meal at least 2 nights in a row. Alternatively, use leftovers for lunch the next day.  Many people end up in a cycle of expecting a new meal every night. They are losing out on the opportunity to save both time and money in food preparation costs.

Use Social Media to Find Deals

Aside from Groupon, Living Social and other major daily deal sites, there are literally hundreds of different ways to find or be notified of deals in advance.  Signing up for email notifications from your common retailers is one way. Also, try asking around in your social circle like Facebook about how to save on a particular item. This often yields great results.  also use offers in supermarkets and online if they are for items you would buy anyway.