How To Eradicate Food Waste

We live in strange times. We are having to adjust how we live our lives, and that includes how we shop for essentials. Whilst we are allowed to, our practices have changed a lot. But what is constant is the need for efficiency, especially if money is tight. So i looked at how to eradicate food waste.

Shopping Lists

It is best to always shop with a plan. Know what you want, and do not divert from your list. Shops are notorious for persuading you to purchase items you do not require, so you require discipline. And with that, you will reduce your chance of creating food waste. 

Use The Freezer

The freezer is your friend. Use it to preserve food you would not otherwise have time to eat. People do not realise what you can put in there too. From bread to herbs (try putting them in ice cube trays) and a lot more besides.

Batch Cooking

If you have a lot of a certain type of food, then batch cooking will help you use it. and help preserve the food past the expiration date it would have if left raw and uncooked. For example, by cooking some chicken that is on its last day of use, you can then refrigerate it and it is good to eat for another couple of days or so. The key is you do not always have to cook food with the purpose of eating it immediately. 

Inventive Cooking

When you have a seemingly random selection of food left in the fridge and your larder, it may seem like you have nothing available to eat. But you should be able to make a tasty meal with just about any combination of foods! See what you have, and let google be your friend. 

How To Eradicate Food Waste – Check Dates

This is something i have had to teach myself. It comes down to discipline again. When you are out shopping, check the dates on what is available – a row of chicken breasts or an aisle of milk will not all have the same expiry dates on. So choose the latest date possible to eradicate waste.

How To Eradicate Food Waste – Buy Loose

The climate will thank you, but also you do not always need the precise amount of fruit or veg contained within a pre-packaged tray. So buy loose, so you get the exact amount you need.