How To Exercise On A Budget

We all would like to be super fit, I think it’s fair to say. Some put in a lot of effort to do so, but whilst exercise does not have to cost a lot, if any, money, a lot of people do spend a lot to try and keep on top of their fitness. However, if you are on a strict budget, it can be tough trying to stay fit without spending the pounds, rather than just shedding. We’ve taken a look at how to exercise on a budget, avoiding expensive gyms and personal trainers.

Just Run!

The most obvious free exercise is to go outside and run until you sweat! All free , apart from ensuring you have relevant footwear, which can be picked up at a cheap price. 
Running is not for all, and pounding the pavements has not been kind on many people’s knees. Ensure it is the right exercise for you. If it is, then it is the easiest way to exercise without breaking the bank. What’s more, many have commented on the positive impact such exercise can have on mental health.

The Power Of your Phone

In the modern world of smartphones, you have in your pocket a powerful tool for exercise on the cheap. Endless apps help you to exercise, and most come in-built nowadays with tools to monitor automatically what exercise you can do. Just the simple step of getting alerts on the number of steps you take daily can drive you to exercise further. Set reachable goals and strive to reach them. Other apps such as “couch to 5k” allow you to build up your exercise regime, and support you along the way.

Cycle To Work

We all know that cycling is good for us, but did you know that your body keeps burning calories even after you’ve stopped cycling?  This is true of much exercise, so is something certainly worth considering. On top of that, you save yourself money on petrol or public transportation. 
This is perhaps dependent on where you live and your route to work. I am fortunate to live close to an extensive canal network, as cycling on main roads is not something I’d be comfortable doing.


Quite simply – if you get in the car for any errand, consider whether you could walk it instead. Get those step totals up! And save money on petrol at the same time, and help the planet a bit too.


YouTube is a fantastic website to visit for free exercise programmes. You can easily customize your own playlist, including yoga, boxing, aerobics. And the best part (apart from the fact that it’s totally free!) is that you have an instructor right there in front of you guiding you through each of the exercises. Just ensure that you watch people who know what they are doing, so that you know you are getting the correct advice.

Have Your Own Gym At Home


We’re not talking anything too high-tech here (unless that’s the direction you want to take it). This does not have to cost the world, and in the long run, any investment could save you a lot of money anyway, should you demand gym-like facilities. Think hand weights, an exercise ball, a resistance band. Such inexpensive items can be used to work out and tone your body, and all can be done in front of the TV after or before work.