How To Fill The Time At Home

How to fill the time at home? The options are many, but for some it has been troublesome keeping busy and dealing with the current situation. Here are some suggestions from Moolr.

How To Fill The Time At home – Cleaning

Urgh! But needs must. Look, i am not a fan of cleaning. If i was rich, it would be the first thing i would delegate to someone else. It is a chore, and i hate chores. Be it hoovering, washing the posts, or dusting down. But you will feel so much better after you have done it. To sit in a fully clean property is a great feeling. And what’s more, once it is clean, it will take less effort to keep it that way.

How To Fill The Time At Home – Decorating

Another suggestion that does not fill me with joy! But what better opportunity is there to get some decorating done? This is a chance to spruce up your property, whilst you are at home for such a long period of time. Note though that i said decorating, not DIY. You must be careful and not put yourself at risk. This is not the time to be requiring hospital treatment, so do not take risks in anything you decide to do over the next couple of months.

A New Hobby

Could this be the time to learn that new hobby you have been meaning to for years? There is no better time, unless work is as busy as ever. Perhaps l

earn a new language, or a craft. I started making some terrariums last year, and intend to learn some more about the art in the next couple of months.

New Income?

I have written elsewhere on how to make income from home. So if it is something that interests you, check out my suggestions in more detail. It could be doing surveys, online accounting, selling and buying, or a host of other options. You could write a book and self-publish, or make money from a passion.


The obvious choice is to catch up on all those box sets you have been meaning to watch! There is no reason to feel guilty at watching a bit, or a lot of TV. We all have to fill our increased time at home somehow.