How To Fly For Less

Here at Moolr we have written extensively on tips and tricks to save money, make your money go further and make savings. We have written about flying cheaper before, but we feel there is more to say. With that in mind, we’ve noted down some extra advice on how to fly for less.

How To Fly for Less – Always Compare Prices

Sites like Skyscanner will always lay out to you your best options. Aim for flexibility in flying to get the lower prices. If you’re booking flights at the last minute, there aren’t too many options to cut the cost. However, you may be lucky and get a last minute bargain too. A site like Expedia gives you extra information about additional costs such as baggage. 

Buy food before boarding

I travelled to Spain recently via Ryanair, and was determined not to spend a fortune before i even arrived there! So i decided to travel as cheaply as possible, then spend what i desired once there, on my holiday. Thus i took food and water onto the plane, and avoided any alcohol. This can easily save you £20+, depending on how thirsty you tend to be! The food onboard is hardly appealing anyway, and the alcohol vastly overpriced. I could survive a few hours without a wine or two. Airports also have water refill stations, so you can use them to get free drink, which is good for the environment too.

How To Fly For Less – Travel Light

This rather depends on how long you are travelling for. but if it is a short trip, then consider only travelling with hand luggage. This has the added bonus of making the airport experience a lot quicker, as there is no check-in! But it is a clear option in avoiding charges. I went to Spain for a week, so could just not justify travelling with just hand luggage. However, Ryanair had a cheaper 10kg limit baggage option, so i went for that, saving £25 over the two flights compared to the 20kg limit. Then i utilised a washing machine in the apartment so i could get multiple use out of the clothes i took.

Book Elements Separately

Package deals can be great value, but not always. Often you pay for the convenience, which is fine. But it always worth you checking prices for individual elements of your trip. Check if you can book the flight and then use a hotel’s website to book that yourself. Search online for deals, and switch around dates to see if you can get prices down. You could feasibly save hundreds of pounds. Just ensure you haven’t forgotten any services included in the package deal, such as transfers.


Fly economy class, which is easily manageable if not a long flight. Have your seat allocated for you rather than paying to choose a seat. Don’t pay for extras such as priority boarding, which serve no purpose at all. Why do you need to get on the plane quicker when you have an allocated seat?