How To Get All Your Food Delivered During Lock Down

I have not been in a supermarket for a month now, and will not need to again in the foreseeable future. I have found a slot on an online supermarket shop, but even so I could survive without it. How? By moving away from sourcing food from the obvious places. I take a look at how to get all your food delivered during lock down.

Local Produce

One of the few things to come out of all of this is my switch back to using local produce. I have had a delivery from a local greengrocer, and eggs delivered from a farm. Plus meat and fish deliveries are available from local establishments. I hope i continue this trend when some sort of normality returns. All local businesses will need our support in the future.

How To Get All Your Food Delivered During Lock Down – Social Media Help

You do not need to do this on your own. Pooling resources is the best way forward for everyone. Let others know of suppliers you have located, and also use tips from others who have found a solution to avoiding supermarkets.


I found an app called ShoCal for my local area in south Manchester. On there were listed various takeaways and convenience stores. So i put in an order for a convenience store in Urmston, and within 2 hours received a full £30 delivery of snacks and household items. And most importantly, Vimto!

How To Get All Your Food Delivered During Lock Down -Amazon etc!

Amazingly amazon have a grocery section, and as you would expect with them, a wide range of items. Buy enough and you will get free delivery too. I even bought a huge box of crisps on there!

Seek Help

Do not feel you have to do this by yourself If you are struggling to get by, then reach out. Within every community there are loads of people who want to help those less fortunate than themselves. Be it those struggling financially or those that lack mobility. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Also check out the food banks in your area if you are struggling to survive.