How To Keep Occupied At Home

As the Coronavirus widens its grip, many if not most of us will be spending most of our time at home in the coming weeks or months. And it will not be easy virtually imprisoned in our homes. So with that in mind, we examined what we can all do to keep ourselves feeling ok and ready to fight on. We look at how to keep occupied at home.

How To Keep Occupied At Home – Exercise

Keep body and mind active – this is key. This s not an opportunity to sit on the couch for months on end, though we will all catch up on some box sets no doubt. But it is safe to go out and walk as long as you practice social distancing. You can also exercise at home without needing complicated and expensive gym equipment. Do a puzzle or two every day, and work your brain. 

Catch Up On Those Boxsets

Some relaxation is fine though, and a chance to escape from the real world. So time to catch up on all those TV programmes you never got to watch due to your busy life. There is so much quality television around at the moment, you are unlikely to run out of options. And in a similar fashion, get reading. I have about 50 books I have not yet read at home, and intend to get stuck into them over the coming weeks.

How To Keep Occupied At Home – Decorate & Odd Jobs

The key is NOT to take risks. Do DIY if you are already competent at it. do not decide to learn it by yourself. The last thing hospitals need in the coming months are unnecessary admissions. But with time on our hands, there is an opportunity to do jobs you may have been putting off for a while. 

How To Keep Occupied At Home – Clean

Hardly my favourite chore, but if we are keeping our hands clean then we may as well keep everything else clean too. Get on top of dusting down every nook and cranny that has been ignored for many a year. And perhaps get rid of unwanted items and freshen up your place of abode. Then when life returns to some level of normality, you won’t have to worry about such things for a while and can get on with your life.

Keep Contact

There are huge concerns about how the isolation of millions will affect the mental health of us all. It is vital that we keep some sort of social contact going, especially if you live alone. So keep in touch with people. Make some phone calls, have a video chat, keep texting and emailing and be active on social media. It should do you the world of good.

Venture Out

It is safe to go outside, as long as you do not congregate. It is harder in the city, but still not that difficult. You need to escape the confines of your four walls occasionally, we all do. So go for a walk, get in your garden if possible, escape. 

Find A Hobby

This could be the time to take up that hobby you’ve always planned to. My dad has started painting again, and i will try and do the same, as it can be very relaxing.