How To Save Money When You Eat Out

Whilst I am a keen home cook most nights, it is always nice eat out and have someone cook for you instead. It is an enjoyable treat, but for those on  a tight budget, it can be an all too rare occasion. Nevertheless, there are many ways to eat out on a budget, and eat well. Moolr take a look at how to save money when you eat out.

Frequent Eaters

If you eat out regularly, you simply do not need to pay full whack in every restaurant you go to. A better option is to purchase a type of discount/loyalty card, such as Tastecard. This card gives you 50% off a huge range of restaurants, or 2-for-1 deals. A virtually free trial is available for you to give it a test, and for £35 a year, you could save hundreds over time. 

How To Save Money When You Eat Out – Groupon, Confidentials etc

You do not need to own a card though to get huge discounts on meals. At any one time in my home town of Manchester, there are hundreds of restaurants offering discounts. This can be through such voucher sites as Groupon, through Manchester Confidential’s site or app, or just through advertised offers online and through social media. Join the mailing list of your favourite restaurants, as there are bound to be offers throughout the year.

Happy Hours

Timing is everything. Certain bars and restaurants will reduce prices at certain times of the day or week. So try and time your food visits to coincide with these periods, and get your drinks for less. Also consider that a lunch menu may well be cheaper than an evening menu, and thus decide if it is worth going earlier in the day instead. Some restaurants near theatres also do offers for those who are watching a play or other performances that night.

How To Save Money When You Eat Out – Drink At Home

For many a significant cost of a night out is not food, but drinks. In fact for many establishments that serve food, it is the drink that is the real earner. So if money is tight, why not consider having a few drinks before you leave home, and cut down on the more expensive drinks whilst out? If done as a pair or group, this could save a fair wedge over the night.

Cheaper Cuts

Sometimes it just helps not to pick the most expensive item on the menu! Often the cheaper meals are also healthier, as expensive meals tend to include cuts of meat and the like, so there’s an added bonus to eating cheaper – your health.