How To Support Local Businesses

During these difficult times, there have been a few positives that we can take from a period we would all rather forget. One of those is how communities have rallied to help local businesses survive. But once we return to some sort of normality, will we change our ways again? Let’s hope not. Here are our tips on how to support local businesses.

How To Support Local Businesses – Restaurant vouchers

Many of us are loathe to go into restaurants once the government decrees they can open again. This is understandable. Personally, they are one of the last places i will go back to, because of how the coronavirus is spread, and the dangers of indoor mingling. However, there are two ways you can still support local restaurants right now. Firstly, many have reinvented themselves as takeaways for the near future, so order from your favourite places when you can to help them survive. And secondly, consider buying restaurant vouchers for when you feel safe to return. At least this way the diners will know that they are getting people through the door in the future. 

How To Support Local Businesses – Local produce

During the pandemic, I have had eggs delivered from a local farm, and my local greengrocer has supplied a fortnightly random box of fruit and veg, which has been a great experience. But with the growth and power of supermarkets over decades, it is important to keep supporting local food suppliers in the future. We all want value for money of course, but whilst you may pay more at local businesses, you are helping your community. And the value for money is usually as great as the quality of produce is often greater. You get what you pay for. 


Support those online that have helped you get through a lock down, and have supported you with advice, content, guidance, videos, music and more. Set up a patreon subscription to podcasts that have kept you entertained in recent months and more. Pay for newspapers that you feel deserve it. Just a couple of pounds a month can make all the difference when a group of you support a podcaster or writer. Many people are desperate for support right now. This might not fit under local businesses but is important nevertheless, and maybe some of those who have provided you content have a local angle anyway.

Look At Advice

Local Facebook groups and the like are full of those that use word of mouth to support local businesses. They have informed me greatly this year about what is going on locally and some of the great projects that exist. There are talented people all around us that could do with our support. And you do not lose out, as you get a great product in return!