How To Save Money By Living Frugally

Life can be expensive at times, from bills to travel to food and drink. It can all get a bit overboard, it can overwhelm. That’s why Moolr is here to help. While we can offer you a short-term loan in a financial emergency, we want to help in other ways. It is better for you to learn how to budget and to build up your additional funding over time. We have taken a look too at how to save money right now by living more frugally.

Go Fresh

Supermarkets are a convenience, and at times even Aldi, Lidl, Herons or other convenience stores seem like a prime alternative for saving money, but that’s just not true.

Realistically when you are feeding a family, you are still going to have a high expenditure. This applies whether it’s from the main chain supermarket, or a like for like alternative such as Aldi.

Consider going fresh. What does that mean? It means finding out where your local farms are and buying your own produce. In most cases, the farmer will allow you to pick your own food. This gives you and your family a valuable green experience. Your food will be fresher, too! This is an excellent way of how to save money, whilst also eating healthily. It also means supporting local produce.

Pack your own lunch

For the kids in school or just yourself at work, pack your own lunches. This gives you power over your lunchbox. You can pick and choose what goes with you and also cut down on expensive fast food outlets such as Burger King. such outlets aren’t great for you anyway.

Plan your meals in advance

Pick up meals that can be cooked without too much wastage, and that can last longer. Meat is expensive and has a limited shelf-life. It can be eaten for a short while after cooking, so to maintain a balanced diet you should stick to other food alternatives and occasionally fresh meat.

Double Glaze and Insulate

Insulating your home properly will save money on heating in the winter as less heat energy escapes from your home. This means you spend less on your heating bills overall.

Double glazed windows, wall insulation such as using dry lining, loft insulation and simple things like making sure all the doors and windows are closed when the heating is on will save you money in the long run.

Budget buy

Instead of buying that brand new laptop, computer, console or iPad for the holidays or birthdays just purchase a second-hand one.

It’s far cheaper and in the long run will save you significant money.


how to save money by living frugally