Money-Saving Camping Tips

We are passionate at Moolr about writing about how you can make your money go further. We have written extensively on how to find value, make more money, save and find things to do for nothing. So it seemed natural to talk about camping! This may seem a strange time of year to do so, but there are reasons for that, explained below. Plan now, and you could have some great weekends away for little money once summer is here once more. Here are our money-saving camping tips.

Prepare some food in advance.

This is something we always tend to do when going camping. A nice meal in a snug country pub is a great experience, but to do it every night with the added costs of drinks can be a pricey affair. Thus we tend to cook a one pot meal at home, and bring it with, to eat around our tents on the Friday night. Then after a nice walk on the Saturday, we eat at the pub. If everyone chips in, then it is a very cheap and relaxing way to start the weekend. Weather permitting! The same applies for drinks. Supermarket-purchased drinks are at most a third the price of a pub drink, so have some drinks around the camp fire rather than spending the whole weekend in the pub.

Stock up on water

Always bring plenty of fluids! For the sake of cost and the environment, it is always better to fill up some water at home, and bring it with you. On site there will of course be a water supply that is good enough quality for boiling and cleaning. If the weather is good and you are walking on the Saturday, a bottle of water is invaluable, as the route is unlikely to be lined with shops.

Fill some flasks

If you want something hotter, or to maintain the coldness of a drink, then flasks are an essential item for camping trips. Again, a hot cup of home made coffee will save plenty of pounds.

Pool Resources

Before a trip, we always get together as a group to ensure we have everything we need. It also helps not to go over the top as space is at a premium in the cars. But by pooling resources you are more efficient and thus save money. For example, there is little point buying a camping chair if someone else in the group has a spare one. Try and plan the weekend so you are not left with surplus items that you end up throwing away.

Use Sales To Snag A Bargain

This is why this time of year is a good time to be thinking of camping, if you do not already possess items necessary for a trip in 2020. It is sales season, and what’s more, because it is off-season, camping deals will be plentiful .New ranges will be out, so expect clearance sales for older items. This is a perfect time to pick up some bargains, especially if you are on the market for a new tent. Alternatively, if new is not essential, check the likes of gumtree and similar sites to see what sort of items are on sale. 

Don’t Go Far

Finally, the UK countryside is uniformly beautiful, so there will be a beautiful area near you, wherever you live. There is little need to travel across the country to camp. This is especially true considering the environmental impact and the cost of fuel.