More Ways to Make Extra Money

Moolr have previously taken a look at ways to make extra money away from your regular income. But there are so many possibilities to do so, we left many areas uncovered. So we thought it a good time, as Xmas approaches to take another look.

Sell Outdated Technology

The other day, as part of an autumn flat clean, I went into the hall cupboard to be greeted by a thousand wires, adaptors, plugs and more. Phone chargers, solar chargers, old phone boxes, they were all there. And amazingly, some of them have a resell value. So have a look at what defunct technology is lying in your cupboard, and check online to see if people are paying money for such items. Amazingly even an empty iphone or Samsung phone box has value. As do phone chargers, certain cables, and more. You may not get much per item, but if you accumulate sales, it can add up to a tidy sum. For stuff you don’t want, and that was just lying there. I even got £15 for my old Sky box earlier this year! It was not collected when i upgraded boxes. Naturally the condition and functionality of the items is important here, but for the most valuable items (e.g. see phones below), even faulty they may have a resell value.


If you’ve mountains of unmatched Lego bricks sitting somewhere, then you could be sitting on a goldmine. And let’s be honest, millions of parents across the UK have a stash of lego stored away somewhere in the house.  You can now turn Lego into cash and sell them online to Music Magpie by the kilo (or half kilo). They pay £3 per kg. If you have unsealed or complete Lego sets or figures, they’ll probably fetch more on auction sites. This is ESPECIALLY true if the set is no longer produced – sets can go for many hundreds of pounds.

Car Boot Sales

If you don’t mind an early start and have good knowledge of certain items, this could make you a pretty penny. Car boots are essentially full of goods being sold for under their value. Most items are simply an opportunity for you to grab a bargain, especially if you do not demand everything to be new. However, there are certain items that if you know your stuff could be resold for a huge profit. Think art, rare books, and electronics. Get there early and sniff out opportunities for a quick and easy profit. With modern technology you can quickly check the value of an item if you are not sure. A good way is to go on amazon, or look at the completed auctions section of eBay for your particular item. They will give you a good guide as to what you can expect to fetch for stuff.

Sell your Old Mobile Phone

A method I have been using for many years to fund my latest upgrade. On a regular contract, there is no need for a spare phone, and if you have looked after your phones, and it is functional and free of cracks, it can fetch a lot of money. Even with cracks it will have a value. The more recent the handset, the more you’ll get for it. Ensure sure you compare mobile-buying sites to get the best price.


This is a vague, catch-all topic, but there are so many ways to reclaim money already spent. you can get tax rebates if on the wrong tax code or even for money spent on uniforms if they are required for your line of work. You can purchase items via cashback sites and get money back that way. You can reclaim money owed on utility bills if they have you on too high a monthly bill. 

Seasonal Work

With the Christmas period approaching, there is plenty of seasonal work available, if you wish to top up your bank balance. Obvious places are high street stores and the Post Office. This is not for everyone of course, and the extra hours can be a huge strain. But it might be a viable option for many, to remove the financial strain at a stressful time of the year.