New Year Resolutions Don’t Work

It may be a tad late to mention this,but you need to abandon any resolutions you have made. They don’t work. If yours still are, that is great, but the reasons may be different to what you think. and you should not treat them as resolutions, but lifestyle changes. But new year resolutions do not work, and we explain why below.

Resolutions Are a Response To Society’s Views Of Right & Wrong

Stopping smoking or beginning to exercise or improving your diet all sound great. And they are. But they are also the stereotypical things that society tells you to start doing. Try doing things you actually want to start doing too, and you may be more successful.  Stop people telling you what to do and think, and make your own goals according to how you want to improve your life.

New Year Resolutions Don’t Work – Resolutions are like goals.

The problem with goals is that they effectively proclaim that you are not happy with your current state of affairs. And thus you could see a dent in your confidence or self-esteem. Goals generally do not work, and you need to re-frame how you want to do “resolutions”. It should help you not to set a specific set-in-stone target, but to be more flexible and aim to make improvements or steps towards a different situation in your life.

Never Satisfied?

Do you need to improve your life? Or does it sound trendy and the right thing to do to try and make resolutions at this time of the year? The fact is, if you are not happy with an aspect of your life, then look to rectify the situation. And this means at whatever time of the year it may be at the time. Do not decide to make sweeping changes at a specific time in the year as this will only end in tears. And the fact is, you may not need any resolutions. There is no need for most of us to examine our lives at the beginning of every tear and decide where we can do better. Most os us are doing just fine as we are. 

New Year Resolutions Don’t Work – No motivation or commitment.

Over a third of resolutions don’t make it past January and over three quarters are abandoned soon after. The reason? A lack of commitment. The problem is that resolutions don’t really mean anything, so where’s the desire to see them through. They are a fad, and fads pass with time. So once February has come along, is there really any incentive to carry on? And would anyone notice if you did not? 

New Year Resolutions Don’t Work – Alternatives

You need incentives that are personal to you, that you think you will truly benefit from. And improvements that you truly want to do, rather than assume it’s what others expect you to do.

Timing Is Everything

The set time of new year resolutions does not help you reach your goals. If you wish to give up smoking you would not try and go cold turkey just before a holiday or big social do. Better to do it afterwards, during the week, when you would probably smoke less anyway. So if you decide to make improvements in life, then make them as and when you want, not on January 1st.


Some people can wake up one morning and transform their own life. They change huge aspects of their life, and that’s great. But for most of us, we cannot simply make such sweeping changes to our life in one go, and nor should we. Even if you are adamant that you should make huge changes, it is easier for you, and you are more likely to succeed if you pace yourself. Stagger the change, and take a long-term look at turning things around. The last thing you want to do is overburden yourself. Better instead to deal with one issue at a time.