Reduce Monthly Costs

In these unprecedented times, it is important for many of us that we use our money efficiently. The wiser we use it, the more we get out of the money we earn, and the greater stress free time we obtain. Moolr have taken a peek at how we can make our cash go further by reducing life’s outgoings. Here’s some advice on how to reduce monthly costs.

Reduce Monthly Costs – Set yourself reachable goals

Set yourself goals you are fully confident you can reach. Note them down and display them in a place where you will see them frequently. One such place is on a noticeboard or on the fridge door.

Organise your shopping

Ever been to the supermarket for specific items but ended up leaving with a bunch of treats and food you never intended to get? Most people have been in this position. And normally they are missing an essential item! To prevent impulse buying be organised. Show discipline and stick to a shopping list.

Reduce Monthly Costs – Use store brands

Buy store brand products rather than big name brands. Many are the same product essentially, or at least made in the same factory. Price does not always equate to quality.  By doing so you could cut 25% off a bill. With all supermarkets selling their own line of products, there’s never been an better time to alter your shopping habits. There is often no fall in quality.

Seek out offers and discounts

Every time you go shopping, challenge yourself to cut more off your bill. If you purchase the same item every week for a set  price, try to locate it in the offers section or elsewhere.  Use supermarket offers if these are items you would have wanted anyway. When you’re constantly on the search for a bargain, there no end to the money you could save. Utilise online codes and vouchers and cashback sites too. Join newsletters so that offers land in your inbox.

Plan meals

Set aside a period of time each week to work out what you will eat that week. If you like food, this will not feel like a chore. Then, consult some meal planners online if necessary. Source the ingredients, and perhaps attempt some new recipes. You’ll be less tempted to eat out and feel much better for eating well. Also try hard not to waste food and be efficient with what you buy. Many ingredients can be popped in the freezer for later use.

Demand better deals

There is never any harm in haggling! Call up your phone, internet and utility suppliers and ask them if there are any better deals out there for you. You may be very surprised at what they’re willing to offer to retain your custom. For example, if you threaten to leave your TV/broadband provider, they will almost certainly come back with a discount. Last year I got a full Sky Sports package for £3 a month instead of £27!