Save Money Around The House

Many of us need to save money right now. The reasons should be obvious! But as we spend a lot more time at home, perhaps the answers on saving money are closer than we first thought. We look at how to save money around the house.

Cook In Bulk

I will be brief with this first point, as i have covered it more than once elsewhere. But economical cooking can really make all the difference for making money go as far as possible. And one way to do that is bulk cooking. Use your storage and freezer space to make meals that will cover many meal times. It frees time and is the cheapest way to cook. And having ready-made food ready after a busy day at work may dissuade you from reaching for that takeaway menu.  Yes, avoiding takeaways, which are naturally more expensive than cooking yourself, is a clear way to lower your costs.

Save Money Around The House – Learn DIY

Homes cost a lot of money, as do their component parts. But if you can replace, upgrade and work on those parts yourself rather than have to buy in expertise and new items, you could save a fortune. And at the same time, increase the value of your home. After all, when you own your own home, things go wrong. Learn how to unblock a drain or deal with blown fuses, frozen pipes and the like, and you put your spare money to better use. What’s more, there is a wealth of advice and tutorials on the internet to hold your hand and guide you as you learn.

Eradicate Bad Habits


If like me you cannot resist snacks that are in the house, then you must not have snacks in the house. It is as simple as that, as far as i am concerned! Remove all temptation from your house. Don’t buy these items when you go shopping. You’ll save money in the short-term, while you will benefit in the long term on health and associated costs.


Save Money Around The House – Lower Bills


Sell Your Clutter

We all have a lot of stuff in our house that we think we need, but never actually use. So if there is something in your house that you have not used in the past year, then you do not need it. Get rid of it. It may even have a resale value, making you money in the process. There is little better feeling than having a night out bought from the proceeds of a sale of something you didn’t need. You thus put that item to far better use. 

Save Money Around The House – Lower Energy Use

Turn off lights in rooms you are not in. Put your TV into energy mode when not in use. Try to ensure that you are not powering endless tech whilst it sits there idle. Basically, use electricity and gas only when you need it! You may find the use of timers will help you economise on energy use. and of course it is good for the environment for you to be more careful with your use. And try to shower rather than have a bath too!