Terrible Ways To Make Money

On this blog site, we have offered plenty of advice on how to make extra money, to help you get by. After all, we do not wish to push loans on people, but ask them instead to explore other options first, to see if financial worries can be solved with alternative methods. But not all ways to make money are to be advised. We decided to take a look at some terrible ways to make money. 


If you are reading this in the UK, i am not sure this is an efficient way to make money. Once more, this is not the case for everything. Build up a following on there, get regular business and work out your hourly rate, and it may be a good way to earn. I can think of a voice over artist i have used that fits the criteria, for example. And as you can add costs on according to what you offer, it is possible to make more than a “fiver” per job. But be very wary. That value of money goes a lot further elsewhere in the world, and the rest of the world is your competition. It will be difficult to offer a competitive rate and also make a fair amount of money per hour, in my opinion. 

Terrible Ways To Make Money – Surveys

I have dabbled with these a few times when money has been really tight, and soon realised that it was a terrible use of my time. The sites that pay people to do online surveys offer a variety of rewards, from vouchers to cold, hard cash. But you have to jump through a lot of hoops to earn anything. Often you can spend half an hour to receive a few pounds. And it is staggeringly boring! For most surveys you have to answer a few questions before being accepted. Often you are rejected, and have thus wasted your time, for nothing.

If you have the time to spare and really need extra funds, then it may be worth it. But value-wise, it is one of the worst ways to earn money. Better to sign up to proper market research sites that can pay three-figure sums for a few hours of your time. 

Terrible Ways To Make Money – Buying & Selling Certain Items

This is just personal experience, and many of you are perfectly entitled to disagree with what i say. After being made redundant, I dabbled in buying and selling wholesale stock for a year or so. I still have some items left! But some items sell better than ever. Unless you have a niche product, it is hard to make money on somewhere like eBay, unless you sell in big quantities. The margins are so tight, and one returned or faulty or missing item wipes out profits. Think carefully before committing to selling professionally, and factor in the occasional loss. Books are one item that are very hard to profit from, unless the book is rare or out of circulation.

Advertising Through Your Website

I once set up a football blog site, and was excited at this new thing called widgets, whereby i could place targeted advertising on my site, and if someone clicked the link then purchased something, i would get commission. On my first day, I made £8 from a single click through. This is easy, i thought! I never made another penny.
My personal opinion is that so few people click on links like this, and if you think you will make significant money this way, you will inevitably end up disappointed. The exception is if you get huge footfall. But if you do, there are probably better ways to make money from your popularity.

Work At Home Schemes

There are many supposedly lucrative ways to work from home, with some schemes getting a lot of attention. Someone will post an ad offering people the chance to make money stuffing envelopes or assembling crafts at home. There are alternative schemes with videos of people saying how much they have made. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Do your research and see what other people’s experiences are before even contemplating taking part.