The Eat Out To Help Out Campaign

You may have seen details in the press recently about the eat out to help out campaign that is being launched in the UK on the 3rd August.  The scheme is designed to give a much-needed boost to the hospitality industry after the pandemic devastated the economy. We took a look on the day it launches at what is involved, and how you can take advantage of the offer.

The Eat Out To Help Out Campaign – Overview

More than three million people have already visited the website for the scheme to see how they can use the scheme, which allows £10 off a meal in over 75,000 establishments across the country.  Whilst it is advertises in some places as a half-price offer, this is not strictly true. It would only be half price if the meal cost £20. It is £10 off your meal, whatever the cost. This is an offer that is for those that sit in restaurants only, so does not apply to takeaway meals.

How It Works

Firstly, it should be pointed out that this offer is not one that you can utilise at weekends. It is for use on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays only.  It runs for the whole month of August.  The eat out scheme is part of the Chancellor’s wider £30 billion package to get the economy back on track. With different lock down conditions now in place in different parts of the UK, then social distancing rules will still apply. For example, in my hometown I could only dine out with my household and one other, as part of a bubble. Outdoor riles may be slightly more relaxed.

The Eat Out To Help Out Campaign – The Process

Any restaurant that wants to be part of the scheme must register with the government before doing so. Then they simply claim back money from the government after diners have made use of the scheme. As for diners, they can only utilise £10 per restaurant visit, but can use the scheme as many times as they desire at different establishments on the relevant days.  It depends how much you want to eat out!

You can click here to enter your postcode and discover which restaurants in your area are running the scheme.

Other Offers

Many establishments are already offering a range of deals to entice consumers back out of their homes. This is in part helped by a VAT cut imposed by the Chancellor. Go online and see what is out there, if you are comfortable with getting out there, under heavily supervised conditions. There has to be a balancing line between our safety and other considerations. Namely, keeping the economy going, and mental health and more. Decide if you want to use the services of one of the many chain restaurants signed up to the deal, or help out smaller local businesses. We naturally suggest the latter, but they all need our help, to protect jobs and livelihoods.