The Most Important Things To Spend Money On

In these austere times, as Brexit and a seemingly never-ending recession affects many of our lives, how we spend our hard-earned cash is one of life’s most important dilemmas. Therefore, Moolr have taken a look at prioritising how you spend your wages. We look at the most important things to spend your money on.

Your Health

Of course in the UK our basic healthcare is free, but there can still be costs – prescriptions are one example. You should never skimp on this aspect of your life, and always look after yourself.

Your Home

If you own your own home, it can sometimes be tough to deal with problems with your house, such as essential repairs, decorating or upgrading part of where you live. They say the home is an Englishman’s castle and you should spend what you can on the place where you live. After all, it is an investment too, as any improvements will only increase the value of your property.

Your Family’s Future

It’s a thought we would rather not have, but it is essential to cover the topic. What would happen to your family if you were no longer around to look after and provide for them? Or what id you lost your job and thus could not support them financially? Would they struggle, because they rely on you to a certain extent? If so, you should consider options to fall back on, including life insurance.


Life insurance isn’t the only policy that’s worth taking out. If you can afford to you should insure all of your major possessions, so that you are covered should something go wrong. It may seem like throwing money away a lot fo the time, but one day it could save you, and it gives you peace of mind for when that day comes. Understand your policies, only pay what you have to and source the most competitive deals.

Your Car

Car insurance and MOTs are both legal requirements that can’t be ignored. But, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore other issues either. Get your car serviced at least every other year, and pay for repairs when they are needed. An accident could cost you a lot more than repairs that would have prevented one. And get a reliable car, do not choose on looks alone.


Buy cheaper ingredients and cuts of meat. Use supermarkets that offer the best value, and plan your meals so you eliminate waste. Sometime,s buying in bulk makes sense too, as it is simply greater value.

A Mattress

A good quality and supportive mattress doesn’t need to be expensive, but it is worth buying what you can afford and replacing it around every eight years. A good mattress helps you to get a good night’s sleep while looking after your back and neck, and its benefits shouldn’t be overlooked. A good night’s sleep is the most important link to good health and long life that there is – it is as important as diet. Don;t scrimp.