The Risks Of Secured Loans

Secured loans should be self-explanatory by their name. They are loans secured against an asset. By utilising this insurance, a borrower is likely to attract better rates. A mortgage is an example of a secured loan, as you secure your payments against the property you find yourself paying off. But there are downsides to such loans. We take a look at the risks of secured loans.

The Risks Of Secured Loans – Be Aware Of Risks

Make sure about advance funds bring with them risks to borrowers. This includes asset repossession and potential damage to credit scores. A secured loan is one where you insure it by necessarily offering an asset. This may incorporate land, vehicles, hardware or, property.

The Risks Of Secured Loans – Failure To Pay

If a borrower neglects to make instalments on a loan, the things are repossessed by the moneylender to oblige for the defaulted advance’s short-fall. The repossessed thing will be exchanged, as a rule at a lower cost than it is worth, to pay for the defaulted advance.

Guaranteed Repossession

The obvious risk of a secured loan is losing the item that acts as security on that very loan. That asset can be devastating to lose, the clearest example being the loss of your home should you fail to make mortgage payments. You must decide when considering a secured loan whether the benefit of lower interest rates is worth it to have to put up an asset as collateral. Only take out a secured loan is you are 100% confident in making repayments in full and on time.


A contrary argument could be put forward that lower interest rates, and thus a lower total to be repaid compared to a similar unsecured loan, makes repayments easier. And thus makes defaulting less likely.

The Risks Of Secured Loans – Damage To Credit Score

Fail to make payments and the lender will undoubtedly pass this information on to the credit agencies, and that means your credit score will inevitably suffer. However, make your payments on time and your score should improve as you show yourself to be trustworthy. So as you can see, it works both ways.


Despite the fact that secured loans are a real boon for those wishing to buy expensive items without owning the collateral upfront, they arrive with risks. Ensure that when you commit to such a loan, you budget for repayments. Should you ever struggle to make them, phone your lender immediately. Try and sort out the problem rather than turning a blind eye to your own struggles.