The Story of Money

Money talks in more than one way. It’s a simple fact that when you have a lot of money, you can make it talk for you with all sorts of different methods of spending.  Yet, have you ever wondered for a moment, what sort of story does your money tell about you?

Each banknote, coin or card tells a tale of a person’s life. Spending habits, when analysed, can point out what a person is into and generally reveal when and where they like to spend money. They are a good indicator of what people will buy in the future.  A coin you are holding could have passed through many hands and situations before it reached you, if it could speak what would it say? From change spent on buses and bars to McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken, money could tell a story about each of us.

Of course, money doesn’t just tell a story from where it has been. When we buy new things such as cars, electronics or food what we buy shows a lot about us as a person. Where some people will buy an expensive car such as a Ferrari, Porsche or Jaguar, others will buy a cheaper car but spend more on other items such as electronics or housing.

Material wealth is a different measurement and many peoples ideal setup varies. What story does your money tell? Have you recently saved up for a better car or a new home? Or perhaps an improved desktop PC or a new fishing rod? Whatever the case may be, Moolr can help you make your money reach further.

So, where will your money story take you today? With a loan from Moolr, the story your money tells about you could be bigger and better than ever.


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