The world’s most expensive food

So, you’re a food lover and you decide to delve into the delicatessen. The art of fine dining, you want to experience the worlds most expensive dishes for yourself so you take out a long-term loan for your adventure.  Here are three of the most expensive food for you to experience worldwide, though some of them won’t exactly be what your expecting…

  1. The Phat Stacks Golden Phat Stack

A weird name for an eatery, but this 24 carat golden bun burger is a monstrosity of meat with 2x beef patties, 2x fried chicken pieces, 2x bacon and 3x cheese and not even mentioning the onion rings, jalapenos and liquid nitrogen. Interested? The Golden Phat Stack will put you back $88.80 AUS or, £49.88 pound sterling.

  1. The Grand Velas Taco

Served only to guests at the Grand Velas Resort in Mexico who stay in the presidential suite, this is the worlds most expensive taco. Sitting at a pricy $25,000 dollars this taco is topped with 24-carat gold flakes and some of the world’s rarest ingredients including Kobe beef and black truffle brie cheese.

  1. Billionaire Popcorn

This is possibly one of the craziest ideas out there, but this popcorn is some of the most expensive in the world at $5 a kernel.  Actually, it’s pretty inexpensive when you look at it that way! Anyway, this popcorn has real gold flakes and other rarities such as Laeso salt. Compared to some of the other food items on this list it’s pretty affordable actually.


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