Things I Regret Spending Money On

Every month, money comes in and goes out of all of our bank accounts. We try to ensure that we do not spend more than we earn. Some expenses are necessities and essentials. Some others less so. But for me, there are certain items that whilst being quite necessary to spend money on, still annoy me due to their cost. And some other expenditure is simply unnecessary. I have taken a look at things I regret spending money on.


I always baulk at the amount of money I spend to get from one place to another. for some reason taxis annoy me more than anything else. They are not cheap for starters, especially if you need to travel alone. I often find myself taking a more arduous journey via public transport in order to save a few pounds. 

Things I Regret Spending Money On – Wasted Food

I still struggle to master efficient food usage. And apart from economic concerns, the environmental reasons alone are compelling for us all to avoid waste. It is imperative for all of us on a tight budget to plan our food purchasing and eating. We also need to dhow initiative by freezing and batch-cooking recipes to use food with a short shelf life.

Things I Regret Spending Money On – Rent

This is perhaps more of a UK obsession, but renting is seen by many as a waste of huge swathes of money. This is because you never really see anything back for your money. You of course get a roof over your head, but you never own that property. You have nothing to pass down to future generations, no legacy. In other countries, renting is normal and not frowned upon. It is a subjective issue.

Satellite TV Subscriptions

These are pretty expensive nowadays, especially as what is available to watch is split up over so many different sources. Should I wish to watch all types of football, and I do wish to, I would need 4 separate subscriptions. This would cost me over £70 a month just to watch a single sport. There is definitely a regret when I see my monthly bill.

Mobile Phones

I use my phone constantly, both for pleasure and for work. But the fact is that the market is awash with smartphones now, and they all do the basics perfectly well. There is simply little reason to buy the most expensive phones on the market anymore, except for reasons of prestige. Save money by getting a cheaper phone, or by buying a cheaper phone upfront and taking out a sim-only deal.