Things You Should Not Pay For

Most of us spend a lot of time looking to make our money go further, and save on many things in life. And yet still we waste a lot of money on things we don’t need to. With that in mind, Moolr take a look at some things you should not pay for.


Ok, it is never going to be free. But if you are the sort of person to regularly get a coffee (or tea) from a shop whilst out and about, then reassess whether it is a necessary purchase. A coffee or tea made at home costs pennies. You can easily get the quality to match that from a coffee shop. Consider whether you could get by without the regular trips for a hot drink, as the mark up is huge.

Satellite TV Subscriptions

With the advent of services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming sites, you’ve got a world’s worth of TV at your fingertips for free. Or at least for a fraction of the cost of expensive services like cable or satellite. And do you need the full list of channels you have access to? Are you on the right package? With these cheaper options, you just watch what you want, when you want to watch it, and save on paying for stuff you never watch. Netflix can be shared between owners, and thus so can the cost. you can have 5 people on a single account.
If you must have satellite TV, threaten to cancel and watch the good offers flood in as they try to retain your services. Also, services from TV providers often include broadband, landline rental etc. Check whether you require these services and are not paying for items not needed.


The world of print journalism has changed enormously over the past decade. We are not saying that you should not pay for newspapers, as their survival depends on either advertising, subscriptions, donations or paywalls. But virtually all the content is free should you require it. Also, a free national newspaper is available every weekday at the UK.


Again, we do not criticise those wishing to support authors. But books can be read for free, not just from libraries, though that is the obvious option. Other options include Kindle unlimited, free kindle books when offers arise and book swap clubs.


Video sites like youtube allow you to view music for free, whilst trials or limited versions of streaming sites such as Spotify are also free. Radio obviously allows you another method of listening to music for free.

Gym Memberships

By which I mean exercise. If money is hard to come by, consider whether you need to pay in order to exercise. After all, there are a thousand ways to exercise for free. Especially if your exercise involves running or cycling.
Rather stay indoors? Rent or buy exercise DVDs, try a YouTube video or if you’ve got a gaming system with motion sensor capabilities, try a dance-related game to get your blood pumping.