Things You’re Entitled To Refunds For

There is little doubt that we all waste a lot of money over the passing of time. Be it wasted food, clothes we barely or never wear, or simply bad decisions or mistakes. There’s no avoiding losing money at some point, but there is definitely ways we can make those losses smaller. One way is to get money back on things you have made an outlay for. We took a look at things you’re entitled to refunds for.

Things You’re Entitled To Refunds For – Delayed Flights

You probably already know about the opportunity to get money back on delayed flights, but perhaps do not know the precise details, or have failed to act in the past when qualifying for money back. The criteria for compensation varies according to the circumstances. Over 2 hours for a flight of under 1500km may be eligible for compensation, but it depends too on the reason for the delay. Or in other words, whether it was the airline’s fault, or simply bad luck dues to something such as poor weather. You can see more details here.

Things You’re Entitled To Refunds For – Undelivered Items

Now obviously you would expect money back on an item you never received! But the key is not to be fobbed off by the seller and accept unnecessary delays or excuses. Often when you do not receive something, you will need to buy it elsewhere. Thus, you will need your funds back to facilitate a new purchase. Press for a prompt refund as soon as it is clear your parcel does not have a clear route to your door. 

Purchases You Don’t Like

I am guilty of this, and it is outright laziness. I don’t want to separate the sexes on the matter, but women are certainly more likely in my experience to return items they do not like. But men, less so. I have bought jeans and shirts online that on arrival were not to my liking or did not fit. And i kept them! I even convinced myself it would be an incentive to lose weight. All the clothes remain unworn, and will eventually find their way to a charity shop or bin. But all consumers have the right to return anything within 14 days, or sometimes more. Also, if an item you possess comes with insurance or a warranty, do not be afraid to use them should the product deteriorate.

Know Your Rights

It is important that you know your consumer rights when buying stuff. Goods must be ‘satisfactory’ and ‘as described’ otherwise you are certainly entitled to your money back. Satisfactory quality is hard to define precisely, but if you are adamant that your item is not satisfactory, you have a right to fight your corner.


When shopping for food, you should always check best before dates and do your prep work in the store. But whilst supermarkets are quite good at keeping fresh products only on the shelves, they do slip occasionally. I have got home to discover mouldy food before. Always put in the effort to get a refund. The supermarket will always issue one without questions.