Three Free Things to do in London


When the money is tight, you may need to think about what you can do to stretch it a little further. If a payday loan or lending is not the right option for you, that is understandable. Perhaps therefore you should consider what things you can do for free that will still bring a little entertainment to your life. Moolr have had a look at three free things to do in London:

1. Experience William Morris

This is the country’s only public gallery devoted to the life and legacy of a famous British designer, William Morris. It features a total of nine galleries that teach about the life and works of William. It is home to a large collection of paintings, furniture, ceramics and personal items related to the man himself and his associates. As free things to do in London goes, this is an excellent starting point.

This gallery is definitely worth a visit, and you are sure to find it interesting. Plus, it’s free to go and experience some fine British arts and craft culture.

2. Royal Air Force Museum London

Another excellent free experience in London, and who doesn’t like the RAF? These stalwart heroes protected Britain during the darkest hours of World War II. The RAF Museum London is home to some of the nations oldest aircraft. It also contains aviation artefacts and other memorabilia from British aviation history.

It’s the perfect place to learn about British Aviation. There are several hangers, multiple warplanes and an Aeronaughts Interactive Centre where you can learn how flying a plane works. Parking is somewhat lacking, however, so be sure to travel by public transportation.

3. Alexandra Palace

This place has a rich history. It was the site of the world’s first ever television broadcast back in 1936 and has continued to be a place of stunning views and exciting events. Alexandra Palace is open to the public as long as there are no exclusive events on (which will result in you having to pay for entry)

The grounds are free to walk around, and the scenes are incredible as the hillside park has a fantastic view over central London. Bring a picnic and have an ideal day out with the family.