Tips For A Clean House

We’re all spending a lot of time in our houses right now. how we deal with that differs, as many will be on top of everything, whilst many will be struggling, and creating more mess than ever. Here are some tips for a clean house.


There is so much in virtually all of our homes that we do not use and do not need. So get rid! all these items serve no purpose just sitting there gathering dust. Many items are things we think we may need one day, but never do. The key test is that if you have not used it in the past year, then you probably never will and thus do not need it.

….And Start With Your Wardrobe

We all have clothes we never wear and never will. And yet still they just sit there, with no purpose in life.

Tips For A Clean House – Clean In Kitchen As You Cook

This is something I am trying really hard to adhere to right now. It really helps to keep everywhere clean and it saves time. It makes sense for another reason. It can fill the gaps that exist whilst cooking, when you wait for things to cook. Remove the stress of having to clean stained dishes long after the event. It’s the last thing you want to wake up to the following day.

Tips For A Clean House – Routine

It helps many people to have a steady routine. To give yourself a schedule puts order amongst the chaos. Perhaps it would help further to set goals, and award rewards for reaching those goals. Then you have an incentive to carry out your chores. Last week I decided i would have a takeaway, but did not allow myself to order it until the kitchen was clean!

Tips For A Clean House – Organise The Fridge

First off, clean the fridge. I did it last week, and it’s the best decision I have made in months. Now it is a joy to open the fridge door and see fresh produce, clean shelves and some space too! I got rid of all the manky old jars at the back and scrubbed down every surface.

Next you need to organise your space. The top shelf  can be used for foods that will go off the quickest – fruits and vegetables. Keep items in labelled baskets, e.g. ‘lemons + limes’, ‘vegetables’. This will make things easy to reach. Store condiments such as mayonnaise, which has natural preservatives, in your fridge door. They can stay fresh in the warm space.

Relax Occasionally

Despite all said above, your house does not have to be sparkling and 100% clean all the time. Do not stress about a dirty mug or dust in a corner if you just want to relax in front of the TV.