Tips For A Great Job Interview

They are one of the most daunting and yet important things we have to do. A job interview is a big deal, but can fill many of us with fear. As a good interview can be life-changing, it makes sense to prepare and ensure you perform to the best of your ability. Moolr offer some tips for a great job interview.

Preparation Is Everything

Have no doubt that employers are looking for applicants that have come to an interview prepared. This shows a real desire for the job and a work ethic. It will greatly influence the decision made by the interviewer. Preparation can include anything from extensively researching the role and the market, to getting information about the business culture from social media and forums. Knowledge of the company itself is advisable. 

Don’t Be Late

Sometimes, being late cannot be helped. We are at the mercy of our transport system. Employers should make allowances for this. Nevertheless, you should make every effort possible to be on time. Factor in possible delays. Timekeeping is important to employers, and first impressions last.

Nail The Communication

Eye contact, a firm handshake and posture can tell an interviewer just as much about your ability as a candidate as anything that you say. A lack of eye contact can be interpreted as anxiety, boredom or low self-esteem. These are not admirable qualities for a prospective employer.


It’s vital that you listen to every word spoken to you. Concentrate and thus understand precisely what employers are asking you. Do not be afraid to ask for clarification if not sure. If you show that you have taken on board information given to you in the interview and then used it to your advantage, this will bode well.

Answer the question

Part of the need to ask for clarification if you are not sure what is being asked of you is to always answer the question. It does not set a good example to give a wishy-washy politician’s answer. Or if you avoid the question altogether and go off on a tangent. Do not waffle, be clear and concise. And if you truly do not have an answer, it is better to be honest than try and wing it or lie.

Ensure you know why they should hire you

Go into an interview fully aware of why you think you should get the job. If you are going through the motions then it will show. If you do not really want the job, that will show too. Be clear before the interview why you are applying for the job, and why you are confident you will excel at it. The initial advert will give you clear pointers on what they want from an applicant. Tally that with your skills and experience, and be sure of what your unique selling point is. Be prepared to present a pitch that sells you as a candidate in 30 seconds. Have the confidence that the interviewer should give YOU the job and no one else.

Conduct Yourself Appropriately

You must judge your tone in the interview. Never swear, do not be over-familiar, or try to act too cool. Be yourself and act normal. Building a rapport should come through normal interactions.

Ask questions

Apart from clarification, you should want to know more about the job you are applying for. An advert cannot tell you everything, so asking questions back is normal. The interviewer will expect it. In fact he/she may be put off if there is nothing you need to know about the job and the company.

Be prepared to be unnerved

Many interviewers seek to catch you off guard with a question that is designed to be difficult to answer.  If you feel like a question has knocked you for six then take a breath and pause. Smile, collect your thoughts and then answer with the best of intentions. Your reaction is as important as the answer you give.