Tips On Money

In our final part of the series, we take a look at some more sound financial steps you should take to make your life easier and more agreeable. So here are the final tips on money.

Cancel Those Subscriptions

I think most of us are subscribed to things we barely use, or never use at all! So work through your monthly costs and see what you can get rid of. I did the same and reduced my Sky subscription, got a cheaper phone deal, cancelled a Facebook site i was on, and downgraded an unnecessary streaming site subscription. The savings equate to £600 over a year, enough to book a holiday!

Tips On Money – Have A Planner

Set up an excel spreadsheet, download an app, whatever suits you best. But ensure you always monitor your financial transactions. You can then refine them for a more efficient life, eradicate wasted expenditure, and make your money go further. 

Not Everything Has To Be Bought

Sometimes, renting your home is more sensible for your situation than bankrupting yourself to buy a property. Renting a film you will only watch once makes more sense than buying it. Borrow books from friends, and do swaps. 

Tips On Money – Drink More At Home

Be it coffee, alcohol or water, the more you drink at home rather than when out, the more you save. Of course you may take drinks with you, but millions of us spend a lot of money each week getting drinks on the go.

Tips On Money – Buy In Bulk

Generally you get better value the more of something you purchase. The important thing to note though is that you should only buy things you will use and that you need. There is no value for money if items go to waste.

Keep All Your Paperwork

Keep all your relevant financial paperwork, as you never know when you may need it. Of course we live in an increasingly paperless environment nowadays, which is great, but that just means you should know digitally where to access your financial records. Know your passwords, and keep your eye on your online records.

Impulse Buyers

If this refers to you, then delete all those subscription emails that bombard you with seemingly wonderful offers and the temptation is immediately reduced to make buys of items you do not need.