Ways To Save Money In March

It is time for our regular look at ways to save our customers money. As there are so many offers out there, and so many offering great advice, it is definitely worth revisiting the topic now and then. So here are a number of ways to save money in March.

Do Nothing!

Yes, the best thing about this time of the year is the fact that Council Tax is paid over 10 months of the year, so payers get two months off at the end of the year! This helps free a few pennies for other commitments.

Ways To Save Money In March – As Always, Consider Changing Providers

This refers to any provider you use. So satellite TV, energy providers, broadband, telephone mobile phone, insurance, and more. See Money Saving Expert for all the details. Chances are, you are paying too much for at least one of the aforementioned services.

Ways To Save Money In March – Cash In The Coppers

I finally took my bulging back of copper coins to the bank and was astonished by what I got back. As I had a few 5ps and 10ps in there as well, it came to a staggering £110! Tat paid for my food for a week and a good night out, and it felt like i was getting it all for free.

Turn The Heating Off

It might still feel like winter for some, but in the UK at least, it is quite mild for the time of year, though rather yet. Perhaps it is now time to consider turning off the heating for good, except when essential. You could save a fortune. 

Check Your Loyalty Cards

If you’re struggling for money, check what you have on your various loyalty cards, from Tesco to Sainsbury’s to Boots. You may have a small fortune on there, which could really help you out.