Wedding Loans

Prepare For The Big Day With Wedding Loans Through Moolr


Moolr™ offer a FREE, no obligation search of the market. Wedding loans to help make your special day perfect.

  • Borrow between £500 and £5000 3
  • 100% FREE, no obligation application
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  • No paperwork required
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  • No hidden fees or costs
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Before applying for wedding loans, please check your finances to ensure that you will be able to meet your repayments. If you are struggling then a wedding loan may not be right for you.

Big Day Budgeting

Help budget for the greatest day of your life with a wedding loan to help towards that dream dress or idyllic honeymoon with help from Moolr.

Wedding Loans

Need help with your big day? We all know that a wedding day can be a very costly affair. However hard you have been saving for it, it often isn’t enough. If you’re falling just short of what you need to make the day perfect, then wedding loans could be the answer. Moolr could help, and help broker a loan for you for between £100 and £5,000, which you can then pay back over a 3 to 24 month period.

All the Costs

There are more costs apart from the day itself. Perhaps you need help getting your partner that special engagement and/or wedding ring. If so, Moolr can help and remove some of the stress associated with a wedding. Perhaps on the day you need help to pay for a great DJ, or the flowers? This is why a wedding loan could be the answer to your prayers.

wedding loans

Careful Budgeting

At Moolr, we are committed to the responsible lending duty our network of lenders have. We never encourage our customers to borrow any more than they need. Whilst of course wedding loans are extremely important to so many each year, you must still consider your repayments. You should still budget carefully, and not see your wedding loan as a means to be over-extravagant in your purchases.

What About My Credit Rating?

Wedding loans are available to people with bad credit. At Moolr, we have access to specialist bad credit lenders, who cater for a chequered credit history. What’s more, is that any bad credit loan offer we find you, you are under no obligation to commit. Just as your big day itself, you are in full control when looking for wedding loans – just as it should be.

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