Work From Home Tips

In these unprecedented and worrying times, a result of the pandemic that is Coronavirus is that millions will be working form home in the coming weeks or even months. It can be quite a culture shock for many, so we once more took a look at some work from home tips.

Work From Home Tips – Keep To A Schedule

The key is to treat your home like an office environment. Therefore, do not sit in your pyjamas all day treating it like a semi-holiday. If you are professional, you can be super-productive. I like to start early and get as much done as early as possible to take the pressure off. I have worked from home for three years now and it is not as easy as some think. But I much prefer it to an office. A key plus is that your hours are your own, so you have the flexibility of working hours, usually. Another plus is there is no travelling involved to get to work. This not only saves you time, it can save you money. And a lot of it.

Work From Home Tips – Avoid Distractions

Keep the TV off until you have finished work, and if you must have music on, ensure it does not dominate your thoughts. I have it on in the background, but find i focus much better in silence. As I am one of those many people who are addicted to their phone, I try and keep it at a distance for much of the day too.

Stock Up The Larder!

Working from home has allowed me to develop a better and more varied diet. Now i could have had this diet whilst working in an office, but like many was lazy and often ended up either making a sandwich or buying pre-packaged goods from a supermarket each day. With a kitchen at your disposal, you have carte blanche to make whatever you want. The freedom to plan your diet and act more responsibly.

Take Breaks

You are still allowed out of the house, even if congregating in numbers is not advised. But being cooped up at home can put a serious strain on you. So take breaks, have a reward system get some fresh air, and go for a walk. It is important to get some exercise and stretch your legs occasionally.

Keep The Interaction

Moving from an office to a home environment can be dangerous. You need for you own mental health to maintain social interactions during a working day. So try not to shut yourself off from the world. Set up calls and video meetings, keep up to date with email correspondence and the like, and keep on top of staying in touch with those you work with. You will feel all the better for it.