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The main advantage of a debt consolidation loan such as a £1000 loan over 12 months is the convenience it affords you. Make one monthly payment. Reduce your confusion over financial affairs. Avoid juggling debt with various creditors. Avoid getting lost in a mountain of paperwork and take control back of your finances. Use the extra funds diligently to reassess your situation and save money by removing other debts. Seek a brighter future and look forward.

Take control and opt for a plan that involves you paying less each month than you were before, because if short term finances are an issue, this could be of great help for you. Help yourself by letting Moolr source the best deal for you. Reduce your monthly payments by as much as 75%, in some cases and you choose whether to extend your loan term longer into the future and thereby giving you more time to sort out your finances if doing so is necessary.


Opt for a reduced payment plan if that suits your needs. Recognise though that you will end up paying back more overall. Why? You’ll pay more interest over the course of the extended term. Decide initially what the best repayment period is for you. Check your finances and see how repayments fit into that. Assess any quote. Take a loan only if you are comfortable with terms. Check our advice section for more details.

Remember that a debt consolidation loan is not a straightforward solution to your debt troubles. Rather, it is simply a way of simplifying the repayment process. Divide your total repayment total by number of months to get your monthly repayment. Ensure that figure fits in your budget comfortably.

Interest Rates: APR and AER

Paying an interest rate on every loan is normal. What you pay on a loan determines the amount at which you are being charged for taking the loan out. Give yourself an in-depth knowledge of the different ways in which interest is charged. The guide informs the ways in which it can be different from product to product.

Moolr offer people a way to compare a huge variety of different financial products. You locate such information with a few clicks of the mouse. We feel that the best type of decision one of our customers can make is an informed one. We offer a wealth of free advice, which lets you make an informed decision about which financial product is offering you the optimum value for money.

The Cost of Borrowing

View an interest rate in its simplest terms. See it as the amount that you are being charged to borrow the money that you are being lent. This means that whatever the rate of interest that you are being charged by your bank or building society, that is how much the lender makes you pay for the service of lending you the money.

Further Examples

You’ve borrowed £10,000 at an annual rate of 10% and you pay back therefore £1,000 as the total amount of interest, and as you are being charged annual interest, you will need to have paid that back by the end of the year. You pay back equal sums each month. You will have paid half the loan back after 6 months, therefore.

The main aim of an APR is to do away with some of the confusion that surrounds the various costs that can be associated with taking out a loan and it is intended to serve as an easy measurement. Use it to compare all of the various credit products that are out there on the market at any one given time, otherwise you may have to do loads and loads of complicated maths. Do the maths just to work out how much a bank or building society or lender will be charging? Nobody likes that.

Seek Advice About Finances

It’s always beneficial to seek advice, and what’s more, it doesn’t have to cost you! After all, the last thing you want is more outgoings, becuase that just increases the financial burden. Instead take a look on our site for a raft of help. We provide tips to beat debt, eliminating credit card debt, and more. Also see 3 reasons you may need an emergency loan, or our blog on credit and finance myths.

Seek extra advice. Search out information to help you with financial decisions. Check our site for information, advice, tips and blogs galore. Get a quote, you are under no obligation to proceed. After that, you might have a clearer idea on how to proceed. Take back your happiness and peace of mind.

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A 1000 pound loan over 12 months is a tried and trusted method of lending. Spread borrowing costs effectively.Pay back equal amounts once a month. Repay everything after a year. Missing repayments may have a negative effect on your credit report. Ensure this doesn’t happen and there’s no reason to worry about borrowing. People everywhere borrow regularly. Decide what is best for you. Borrowing is fine if it reduced monthly struggles. Reduce your stress too.

Let Moolr Guide You Today

Moolr specialise in a 1000 pound loan over 12 months for those with bad credit. Apply via us, we will endeavour to find the perfect loan for you, a loan we stress you are under NO obligation to proceed with. Take control of your finances today. Sort out financial problems and plan a brighter future.

Most of all, proceed with a loan only when you have no doubts about the repayment terms or the period, hence being confident in what you borrow. Sit down and most of all be thorough. Plan ahead and map what lies ahead. Take control of your own destiny and consequently enjoy financial freedom. Contact us, and read our articles, to give yourself a fuller idea of what is involved. Rushing into borrowing is not advised. First check your monthly budget. Decide if cut-backs can be made. Eradicate non-essential purchases. Trim your financial commitments. Make repayments easier by reducing outgoings. Decide only then whether you still need to borrow money. Applying for a loan can help you restructure debts.