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Always ensure before applying for a financial product that you are in a position to make timely repayments and have checked your terms and conditions. We assure no hidden charges or fees. Take control of your affairs with 60 month loans.

60 month loans are the longest-term loans that Moolr offer, and suit those wishing to spread their loan repayments over a longer period of time. Some may consider longer loan options less than ideal, as they do not want to repay a debt over a 5-year period, but the big advantage of a borrowing over a longer period of time is that is lowers the amount payable each month. Many would thus struggle with a product such as 3 month loans as they would not be in a position to repay the full amount in such a short period of time. Thus a longer-term solution is suitable for many.

Find The Best Deal For You

At Moolr, we’re passionate about what’s best for our customers. Whether that means finding a loan for someone who’s struggling to do so elsewhere. Or perhaps enabling someone to learn more about whether being accepted for a loan is a possibility, we’re here to help.

Our site contains a wealth of information to ensure you have everything at hand to make the correct decision. For example, have a look at our page that explains which type of loan is right for you. Also see and our page explaining 3 reasons to consider a debt consolidation loan.

Consolidate Outgoings

People take out loans for many reasons, and longer term loans are no different from other types in that respect. Borrowing is a part of everyday life, from mortgages to car hire to home improvements. They are nothing to be afraid of, as long as you have planned and budgeted for repayment costs. Spreading the cost over more months may help you out until you the next payday. Whilst you will end up paying more overall, it could help get you back up on your feet and provide you with a peace of mind that your monthly repayments are lower.

Loan Types Vary In A Crowded Market

There are an overwhelming number of deals out there, so it’s important not to jump in and make a rash decision. Our technology was designed to search the loan market for you, to take away the stress and locate all the top deals. Our engine generates a 100% no obligation quote that you can choose to accept or reject.

Why Consider 60 Month Loans?

If you are able to repay a particular loan amount over a relatively short period of time, then a personal loan can be a great option. However, personal loans may come with higher interest rates, compared to other products on the market. This is especially so if you only borrow a small amount. Thus, it’s worth considering the overall cost of borrowing before you decide to go ahead. Calculate the costs and decide.

Varying Rates

Interest rates will be calculated by lenders by assessing your individual circumstances. If you have been previously been declined by a bank, then longer unsecured loans can provide an alternative option for borrowing money if budgeted for correctly. They can also be used to consolidate existing debts, making them easier to manage and repay.

Affecting Your Credit

Moolr are passionate about assisting customers who have not had a perfect credit history. A mixed credit history is not an automatic barrier to obtaining finance.

Moolr offer more advice on the topic of credit ratings on our site, and are here to help you through the whole process of taking out loans. Please have a look at our credit report page for more information.

We have advice throughout the site. Moolr also offer some handy tips to increase your credit rating.

Decision Making

We all borrow money in our everyday lives, so don’t feel embarrassed or ill-at-ease by doing so yourself. This is especially true if a taking out a loan helps you out of a difficult situation.

Our calculator explains everything for you in simple terms, & there are no hidden fees or sudden unexpected charges, so you can work out immediately what you will have to repay and plan accordingly.

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Borrowing For All

Moolr built a platform that utilises the latest technology in order to make personal finance hassle-free and customer-friendly.

We’ve eradicated the need to fill in lengthy forms, deal with paper-based applications, or spend hours on hod before stressful phone calls. With Moolr, there’s no need to wait days for a decision by the lender, queue in a branch, or wait anxiously for post. Moolr fixes all of that.


60 month loans are an excellent method of spreading costs when times are hard. They also carry a less risk to those lending than say, a 12 month loan, as there are only half the repayments required. Hence, less chance of a repayment being missed.

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Moolr specialise in finding loans for those with poor credit and and good credit alike, so you can proceed with confidence. Moolr are here to save you money . Our loans are proceeded with a quote – a quote we state clearly you are under NO obligation to proceed with.

60 month loans

60 month loans are designed to spread the cost of borrowing to suit your budget