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Always ensure before applying for a financial product that you are in a position to make timely repayments and have checked your terms and conditions. We assure no hidden charges or fees. Take control of your affairs with 36 month loans.

36 month loans are a popular product amongst borrowers. They allow borrowers to spread repayments over a 3-year period. This dilutes the cost of monthly repayments, providing a great option for those short of money. Moolr are here to guide you down the right path.

Spreading your payments over a longer term means you could end up paying more overall than under shorter-term arrangements, even if the interest rate on this new loan is less than the rates on other deals. However, this may suit your monthly budget far better.

Check Your Options

36 month loans are one of the longest-period loans available, and allow borrowers to spread repayments. They will not be the ideal product for everyone however. Plan and research your options, and consider the consequences of 36 month loans. If you use part of a 1-3 year loan to pay off or reduce existing debts , it is important to consider what this means. You must consider not just the interest rate and monthly repayments, but also the term of 36 month loans compared to the terms of existing debts.

By consolidating all your debts into one loan you’ll only have to make one payment each month. This could help relieve financial stress and leave you to focus on what’s most important to you – friends and family.

36 Month Loans Can Make you Money

People take out loans for many reasons, but let’s look at one popular reason – home improvements. Whether you’re adding or decorating an extension, modernising the kitchen or bathroom, or even just adding a new coat of paint. Investing in improving your house or flat can add significantly to its value when you come to sell.

Choose the right improvements and the value you add may well outstrip the cost – and provided it’s your main residence, you won’t pay capital gains tax on any increase in the value of your property. 3 year loans or shorter-term loans can be used for investment reasons as well as to cover an immediate emergency.

Loan Types Vary In A Crowded Market

Taking out a longer-term loan such as 36 month loans of course has pros and cons compared to a short-term product such as 3 month loans or 6 month loans. Compare what each product has to offer before deciding. Always remember that any quote comes with no obligation whatsoever to proceed. You are in control every step of the way.

Some may also worry about having the debt of 36 month loans hanging over them for such a long time, but if you are at ease with paying small monthly repayments over this period, it may be the perfect product for you. Moolr will scour the financial markets to find the ideal terms for you.

Our Process Is Simple

At Moolr we specialise in finding a loan for every type of customer. It is not necessary to have a perfect credit score. We can find finance for those with a lower than average one. Moolr are here to find the right lender for your circumstances. Simply apply through us, and we search the market for the best lender for your loan and return the top results straight to you.

The majority of our lenders can offer you finance on the same day as you apply and some can even get your cash sent to your account within a few hours! You then repay your loan over your chosen term, including the interest your lender charges.

Improve Your Credit With 36 Month Loans

Many would think it illogical to suggest that borrowing extra could help improve your credit rating. It is extremely logical though. Lenders, or any financial institution with products on the market, favour borrowers who pay timeously, on the date agreed each month. By repaying a loan, a credit rating can be improved, as it suggests reliability to lenders. It’s a superb way to repair a bad credit history.

Moolr are here to help you through the procedures for applying for 36 month loans.

Please take a moment to visit our credit report page for all the information you require.

Look At The Whole Picture

It is important that before applying for 36 month loans you’re extremely confident that you are in a position to make the repayments on the agreed date. If your circumstances change and you think you may be unable to repay the loan, it is important to speak to the lender. Contact them straight away so they can discuss how they can help.

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36 month loans are suitable for many

The Moolr application form is simple, but it helps if you have certain information to hand when completing it. This will speed up the process even more. The type of information includes your personal details, employment details, and a knowledge of your monthly incomings and outgoings. This helps both you and the lender in ascertaining what is best for you.


36 month loans are an excellent way to spread borrowing costs. They also will not impact on your monthly budget as much as shorter-term loans such as 3 month loans or 12 month loans.

Let Moolr Assist you Today

Moolr specialise in 36 month loans for those with a mixed credit history, and whilst we cannot guarantee a loan, we will certainly not exclude anyone because of their credit rating. You will not be forced to proceed if you feel the deal isn’t the one for you.

36 month loans can help us carefully plan our finances