Cheap Tasty Meals – Part 2

In my last blog, I looked at a selection of cheap tasty meals, for those that want to eat well but in a budget. Which I would expect is a lot of people! However, I did not get to cover all of the options available, so I have taken a further look at some meals […]

Super Cheap Tasty Meals

If like me you like your food, it can be an expensive passion. I spend most days wondering about what i will eat that evening. I also do not skimp on ingredients, which is tough when i operate on a very tight budget in the rest of my life. But in recent times, I have […]

More Ways to Make Extra Money

Moolr have previously taken a look at ways to make extra money away from your regular income. But there are so many possibilities to do so, we left many areas uncovered. So we thought it a good time, as Xmas approaches to take another look. Sell Outdated Technology The other day, as part of an […]

How To Travel Cheaply

If you can master how to travel cheaply, the world is opened up to you. Life is richer when you get to see the world, but the cost of doing so can be prohibitive. Do not worry though, as there are many ways t see the world without bankrupting yourself. We took a look at […]

Bad Ways To Try & Save Money

Saving money is something we can all be passionate about. After all, the more we save, the more we have. Nevertheless, sometimes, we try to save money and actually in the long term make things worse. We use a false economy to try and improve our financial situation and are poorer for it. Moolr take […]

The Advantages Of Shopping Online

The online market for goods is vast and allows the buyer an almost infinite range of goods to purchase. It does not come without its drawbacks and cons, as discussed here, but we all have taken advantage of online shopping at one time or another. We took a look at the advantages of shopping online.  […]

The Disadvantages Of Shopping Online

The boon of online shopping has been great news for everyone, bringing choice and greater value into all our homes. But whilst it has undoubtedly helped in many ways what consumers can buy, it is not all good news. Nor is online shopping perfect. Moolr took a look at the disadvantages of shopping online.  Product […]

How To Start An Emergency Fund

None of us know what the future holds in store, so in theory we all would like to possess an emergency fund. Of course for many of us that is easier said than done, and saving any spare funds can be extremely troublesome. when we struggle to meet our daily needs, a spare fund is […]

Should I Get A Wedding Loan?

If you are fortunate, you may have enough savings to cover all your wedding expenses. Or parents who are willing to foot some or all of the bill. If not, you may find yourself at a crossroads. Do you take on debt to have your dream wedding, or do you cut back with a smaller […]

Gift Ideas For Those That Have Everything

We all know someone like this. They seem to have it all, in terms of material possessions at least. And if they do, then buying a gift for such a person can be fraught with difficulty. After all, they already possess everything they desire. But that does not mean there is nothing you can give […]