Rate Of Inflation Falls To An Annual Low & Wage Squeeze Eases

This week some slightly encouraging news was released for the UK economy, as the impact of Brexit hits many hard. Afte rall, many voted against leaving the EU because of the uncertainty. This uncertainty affects people’s livelihoods. The first announcement was that UK consumer price inflation fell in March to 2.5%. This is the the […]

Balance Transfer Cards

What Are Balance Transfer Cards Balance transfer cards are a popular type of card, as their appeal is obvious. For those attracting interest on a credit card, the option to move the money onto a new card is priceless. A card that will not charge any interest on the balance for an introductory offer period […]

Finance Glossary

A Acceptance rate A good place to start a finance glossary. This is the percentage of customers who are successful in their application for a loan, credit card or any financial product. At least 66% of successful applications have to be offered the advertised rate, known as the typical APR (see Typical APR).For the others […]

New Year Resolutions on Saving Money

When it comes to the New Year and the cost of Christmas is out of the way, now should be the time to start thinking about your current funding options for the new year. Saving money is a priority for many after an expensive time of the year. We have come up with a few […]

Savings At An All-Time Low?

Here at Moolr we wrote recently about how those not flush with money (which is probably most of us) could move towards a future of actually having money in the bank, of managing to save money. However, recent figures suggest that it is indeed a growing number that don’t have spare money right now. We […]

What is a good credit score?

A good credit score can be difficult to achieve, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The term credit score is most likely familiar to you if you have ever purchased anything using credit in the UK. If you have any outgoing payments, want to pay monthly on your phone or if you want […]

What is digital currency?

So, what is digital currency? You may have heard about Bitcoin or Ethereum. These digital currencies are not regulated by any central bank service or government. They are digital and exist only in data format – you never hold them in your hand. These electronic currencies are becoming increasingly popular due to their high levels […]

Redundancy And Debt

Redundancy & Debt – A Stressful Time Losing your job can be a stressful, emotional event that often forces severe lifestyle changes on an individual and their family. It can also have a devastating effect on a person’s finances. Debts can rise significantly as a result. Redundancy and debt go hand in hand for many, […]

A Look At Credit Cards

We all know about credit cards. We all think we know everything about them too. They are a staple of life in the UK and much of the world. However, it still helps to reassess their impact and their uses sometimes, so that is what we have done at Moolr. We’ve taken a look at […]

Things You Shouldn’t Buy With A Short Term Loan

Short term loans used to commonly have another name, when dealing with loans of 1 month or under. I refer to payday loans. Payday loans have attracted much criticism in recent years in the media. However, they served an important purpose in the financial market, and are crucial to many when struggling for funds. With […]