How To Reduce your Carbon Footprint

It is perhaps the most important issue facing the planet right now. The issue of climate change, and how we, as humans, can arrest the slide. With that in mind, we have taken a look at how to reduce your carbon footprint. Reducing it is a key component in preventing further temperature rises globally. Driving […]

How to Decide If You Need A Loan

Regardless of how well you budget each month and how good you are at keeping track of your money, sometimes the inevitable happens. Problems occur and you need emergency funds. An unexpected bill lands, or your kitchen floods. Your car’s exhaust falls off, or a child needs funds to get by. One way of getting […]

How hard is it to get an unsecured business loan?

These days it can be very difficult to obtain a small business loan. This has been true for the last few years. From well before the volatility caused by Brexit – banks have become increasingly cautious about lending. They often require security for a loan, making an unsecured business loan hard to find. Secured and […]

Ways To Maintain A Good Credit Score

It’s possibly the most common concern of people that contact us about the possibility of obtaining finance. Apart from asking how they can improve their credit rating or score, they ask how a good score can be maintained. A common concern also is that taking out finance and having checks done reduces your score. With […]

How To Save Money On Food

Eating at home is always more economical than going out for a meal, but there are ways to save in the kitchen as well. As a nation, we waste a huge amount of food. We need to be smarter in how we spend money on food. I include myself in that. Here are some ideas […]

Which Type Of Loan Is Best For Me?

At some point in our lives we may need to borrow money, and not just a quick favour from friends or family, but a proper financial transaction that requires a contract, repayments and so on. As you probably are aware, it is not just banks that grant loans any more. There are loan companies that […]

How do short term loans work?

Unlike a traditional bank loan, which borrowers usually pay back over several years, lenders designed the short-term loan for people to repay quicker and deal with immediate issues. Often borrowers will do this within several months. You can use them for emergencies, such as car repairs or a broken boiler. There are several types of […]

Things You Should Not Pay For

Most of us spend a lot of time looking to make our money go further, and save on many things in life. And yet still we waste a lot of money on things we don’t need to. With that in mind, Moolr take a look at some things you should not pay for. Coffee Ok, […]

Money Saving Decisions That Actually Cost You More

We all constantly scour shops and the internet for deals that save us money. We constantly cut corners and avoid paying certain things to save money. But do they always work. Moolr have taken a look, and discovered some money saving decisions that cost you more in the long run. Using Offers For The Sake […]

Top Tips For Buying On eBay – Part 3

Moolr previously published two articles containing top tips for buying on eBay – Part 1 can be found here, and Part 2 here. But with so many tips on how to get the best deals on eBay, we have added a final 3rd part, with yet more great ideals to make your pennies go further. […]