The FCA enforces new banking regulations

Today, 2nd April 2020, the FCA enforces new banking regulations on banks and other financial institutions, to come into place on 9th April. so in one week’s time. We took a look at what is involved to help consumers financially over the next few testing months. Why Has The FCA Stepped In? The Financial Conduct […]

The Facts About Mortgage Holidays

As millions of people struggle to get by financially under the current near-lock down as coronavirus continues to have a global impact, there are steps you can take to alleviate the pressure. One of the first measures announced was the prospect of mortgage holidays for those struggling with finances. Here we list the facts about […]

Taking Out Loans In The Current Climate

In the midst of a global pandemic it is not surprising to learn that millions will have financial worries right now and in the foreseeable future. This will naturally lead to the temptation to borrow further. But that is a dangerous tactic when the future is so uncertain. We look at taking out loans in […]

Current Offers To Save You Money

As many will be struggling heavily with money right now. I thought it a good time to look at some of the offers that companies and the government are offering to assist at this difficult time. Here are some of the current offers to save you money. Credit Card Companies/ Loans/ Mortgages Etc If you […]

Free Online Celebrity Resources During Isolation

A key struggle during isolation will be keeping children occupied. This is not easy, understandably. Nevertheless, there is a wealth of stuff going on that could help keep your kids busy. Here, we look at what celebrities are offering during this difficult period to help out. Here is a list of free online resources during […]

Top Tips For Dog Owners

I’ve always wanted a dog.  Sadly it has not been practical to do so. But at least with the increasing social isolation in place right now, dogs are certainly the sole species that seem happy with the situation. They get to see a lot more of their owners. We took a look at some top […]

The Consequences Of Not Social Distancing

The consequences of not social distancing have already been seen around the world. The coronavirus, is being spread at an alarming rate. Different countries have used different strategies to try and slow down the spread. But one constant theme is the importance of social distancing. We took a look at why. The Consequences Of Not […]

How To Wash Your Hands

How to wash your hands seems to be the dominant phrase that you will have seen in recent weeks. That and “stay at home”. It seems weird that advice is needed to tell people to do this, and advise how to also. But here we are. It is so important that guidance is followed, we […]

Dealing With Mental Health

As we all struggle with the necessity of staying at home, our collective and individual mental health is crucial to us getting through this difficult period. Here are some tips to help with dealing with mental health. Dealing With Mental Health – Stay Active If you can, do stay active. If your energy lowers, your […]

Free Online Resources To Keep You Occupied

Here is a useful list of free online resources to keep you occupied that will hopefully help with all those stuck at home for the foreseeable future. Free Online Resources To Keep You Occupied -Virtual tours There are a wealth of virtual tours available on the internet. All these were provided from the site […]