Holiday Hacks – Travel For Less

We’d all love to jet off somewhere nice at least once or twice a year and get away from the rat race. Unfortunately holidays can be very expensive. With that in mind, Moolr have some tips to make your dream experience cheaper. Don’t Be A Sheep It’s easy to fall into tourist traps whilst exploring […]

How To Make Money From eBay

Everyone knows what eBay is. However, have you truly examined how eBay could help you out financially. Moolr have taken a look at how to get the most out of eBay, both as a seller and buyer. Thus you will be better placed to know how to make money from eBay. Clever Purchasing This guide […]

How to get a secured loan with a bad credit score?

Applying for a loan might be the first time you know anything about having a low credit score or problems with your credit history. If this is the case – don’t panic. There are, generally speaking, lending options out there for everyone – including loans purposefully designed for people with poor credit scores or problematic […]

Budgeting Advice From Moolr Part 3

If you are struggling with debt, then before applying for a loan, please take some time to read our previous money saving tips, to see if your problems can be solved by small lifestyle changes and budgeting. In our final part, we look at more budgeting advice for those looking to make their money go […]

How To Pay Less Tax

You’re probably already thinking – this sounds too good to be true. Fair enough. I would think that too! Nevertheless, there are totally legitimate ways that people can rearrange their financial affairs and pay less tax. Let’s look at ways to pay less tax. Tax Relief On Pension Payments Most contributions workers make to workplace […]

How To Shop For Food Efficiently

I’ll be honest – I have been a terrible food shopper in the past .I buy what I want, when i want, regardless of budget and without considering whether all the food will be used. Eventually I realised i could not afford to continue to this approach. Thus i tried to become more savvy when […]

Budgeting Advice From Moolr Part 2

We recently looked at ways people can budget to make their hard-earned money go a little bit further. We’ve got a few more tips below for how to do this. Budgeting can allow you to live your life without making major sacrifices. Complain. If you have bought something that doesn’t work, is not as advertised, […]

Budgeting Advice From Moolr

After getting some budgeting advice from Moolr, if you still feel that you need debt help, rather than a loan, then please speak to a debt management expert for no obligation, impartial advice. Moolr have collated some tips in the meantime ot make your pennies go that little bit further. Budget The main tip, around […]

Car Loans & The Costs Of Owning A Vehicle

A Loan To Buy A Car Buying a car is a big investment and a major decision that should not be rushed. If you are in need of a vehicle but do not have the funds available to make the purchase, then a short term loan could be the best option for you. The costs […]

A Look At APR – Annual Interest Rates & More

What is an APR? APR stands for annual percentage rate, and is the total interest a person will pay annually on a credit product. Legally, any financial product provider has to display this figure, be it a loan, credit card or mortgage. In the current financial market, with much shorter loans available than used to […]