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How Short Term Loans Work

Short Term Loan Market Search

Moolr offers a quick, easy, and FREE* way of finding a loan from a vast network of lenders.

With Moolr you can receive an online, no obligation loan offer even if you have a less than perfect credit history. Save time applying on different websites, by letting us do the hard work for you. We explain how short term loans work.

What Moolr Offer

Moolr finds online short term instalment loans from £500 to £5000, with repayment terms ranging from 1 to 60 months 3. Many of the lenders we work with are able to clear the funds in to your chosen bank account the same day, although transfer times can vary. Our process is quick, simple, and fair.

How Loans Work

Loans are an important tool to allow people access to funds at short notice for unexpected costs. These costs could be anything, from a car repair to an urgent plumbing need. They are not designed to pay off existing debts, and can be obtained via a simple application process. You can have the money in your account, often the same day.

Credit Checks

Credit checks are necessary if you want to take out a loan. However, not that the no-obligation quote that Moolr provide does not include a check. Only if you proceed fully with a loan will the check come into play. By being aware of how short term loans work, it gives you a better chance of finding the perfect deal.