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Before applying for 24 month loans, please ensure that you have examined your finances and are confident of timely repayments. If you feel that meeting your financial needs is difficult right now, a 24 month loan might not be right for you.

When considering using any type of financial service, it is imperative that you do your research. you need to understand fully the terms of the product you wish to use. Here at Moolr we are here to help you work out which product is best for you. Below we explain 24 month loans – how they work, what they entail and how they can help you today.

The financial market is huge and varied, and it can be confusing at times to understand what is available. That includes the like of 24 month loans. That’s why it could be beneficial to allow Moolr to do the hard work for you. We’ll find the best 24 month loan to suit your individual and unique requirements.

Borrowing Spread To Suit Your Needs

Here at Moolr, we do the hard work for you, scouring the finance market to find you loans ranging from £500 to £5000. Generally any loan that you request for £500 or more can be spread over a 1 month period or longer. Anything below that would be classified as a payday loan. We have access to both payday and longer-term lenders to find you the best term possible.

Different loans will suit different people according to their circumstances, so it’s good to do your research. Every type of loans has advantages and disadvantages, but of course the longer the loan, such as a 24 month loans, the longer you are in debt.

The key advantage of a 24 month loan is that it allows you to deal with life’s little problems and emergencies. It can remove stress, and give you peace of mind, allowing you to get on with your life. You then pay off your 24 month loan in amounts that are suited to you.


If you have planned your 24 month loan thoroughly, the length of the debt should not be anything to worry about. For some though, having an outstanding debt can weigh on the mind. For longer-period loans, the amount of interest paid over the total loan period may be greater than for shorter repayment periods. So, if you’re looking to take out a 24 month loan, consider the impact of doing so. Ensure you are comfortable that monthly payments over the length of the 24 month loan won’t cause you undue worry.

Sensible Budgeting

A key benefit in 24 month loans is that by spreading repayments over a 24-month period it allows you to plan your finances easier. Thus you also keep repayments low, avoiding eating into your budget. Find a plan that suits your budget, and allows you to live your life without the constant stress of not having sufficient funds to get by. Moolr are here to help you find that perfect plan.

When taking out a 24 month loan, you will know the precise amount debited out of your account each month. This applies throughout, until the 24 month loan is fully paid off. Thus you need to estimate if this amount is not going to cause problems each month. After all, you must consider too paying your other regular outgoings. Here at Moolr we are here to help, and will guide you through the whole process. It is easy, straight-forward and can be completed in no time at all.

Credit Ratings

There are other factors to take into account when you consider any financial product. One constant factor is your credit rating, or “credit score”. This rating is an indicator to a lender or any establishment of how good you have been in the past at paying bills, loans and other financial products. It is essentially a guide to lenders as to how confident they should be that you will make your repayments on time and in full. The higher your score (over 900 being excellent), the more likely you are to be accepted for a financial product.

In addition, it may also affect how much lenders will allow you to borrow, and the time period associated with that. A bad credit score could thus restrict what type of loan will be available to you.

If you require more information on credit scores and how they affect your 24 month loan application, you can visit our credit report page now.

Other Information

Loans are part of everyday life, so you do not need to feel anxious at using one. We use them for our motor vehicles, to purchase houses, and to help with short-term problems. 24 month loans could thus be the answer for you. They could help you live your life and do so without the stress that financial problems can bring. You are under no obligation to take out a 24 month loan. By using our easy to use calculator, you can get a guide to how a 24 month loan may help you today. 24 month loans are just one of the many products we help source for customers, and we’re happy to help you whatever your needs or circumstances. Check out if a 24 month loan is for you right now.

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24 month loans are a genuine option for many

At Moolr, we have a wealth of experience dealing with lenders who can help borrowers with a bad credit history. We seek to provide an opportunity for such borrowers to rebuild their credit scores, so that they have greater opportunities in the future, and will try and locate a 24 month loan to suit any individual.

By opting for a 24 month loan, and making your repayments on time, you allow yourself an excellent opportunity to rebuild your credit score, allowing you a greater choice of financial products at excellent rates in the future, and the peace of mind that avenues are no longer blocked off for you. It is imperative though that you do not miss payments, as this could have a negative effect on your credit rating.


24 month loans are an excellent method of spreading borrowing costs. They also carry a slightly lower risk to those lending than say, a 48 month loan, as there are half the repayments required. Hence, this reduces the chances of a payment being missed. There are other advantages too. Other products such as 9 month loans require repayment in shorter time periods, but the total repayment may well be less.

Let Moolr Assist you Today

Moolr specialise in 24 month loans for those with bad credit (and those without!) so if you apply via us, we will find the deal right for you. A deal it must be stressed you are under NO obligation to proceed with.

24 month loans help us find the balance between paying less per month, and paying off quicker