How To Choose A Credit Card

In a very crowded market, it is hard to know which credit card, should you decide to get one, is best for you. They all have their pros and cons, and try to seduce you with a particular offer. We look at what is available, and how to choose a credit card. Why Do You […]

Get Car Finance With Poor Credit

There are a multitude of reasons for borrowing money, be it for a bill or a home improvement. But for many, car finance is a key reason for getting a loan. For some however this can be troublesome due to a mixed credit history. This does not mean however that finance is not attainable. Moolr […]

How To Improve Your Credit With A Personal Loan

You have probably heard time and time again, that a simple way to improve your credit is by responsible and consistent use of a credit card. You might even know how to improve your credit several ways other than using a credit card. But do you know how to boost your credit with a personal […]

What To Do With Unused Credit Cards

Many of us will possess a significant number of credit cards. We may not even be fully aware of them all, as they remain active long after we ave had a use for them. Nevertheless, it is always assumed that an unused credit card is of no interest to anyone, including the owner. That is […]

Does Having Multiple Credit Cards Affect Credit Score?

There is no legal limit to how many credit cards you are allowed to have at any one time. It is, ultimately, up to the credit card issuers. We will help you work out how many credit cards you should have depending on your needs. And what to do if you think you have got […]

What Is Considered A Good Credit Score?

For many of us, credit scores are a vital component of our lives, even if we rarely give them much thought. As borrowing is an integral part of many of our lives, from mortgages to loans to credit cards, our credit score is vital to how we do business. For many, a poor credit score […]

Who Can Look At Your Credit Report?

Moolr have talked at length on this site about credit reports and credit scores. Their importance and what they mean to you. But another aspect that matters to many is who is seeing their personal, financial information. It’s a valid concern, so Moolr decided to answer the question – who can look at your credit […]

How do loans affect credit score?

Loans – and how you manage them – are the most important factor in your credit. But credit is complicated, and depending on the state of your credit, you might wonder if loans help or hurt your credit scores. New and existing loans can affect your credit in several ways. Moolr take a look at […]

How Credit Scores Affect Interest Rates

It is a primary concern for those with a mixed credit history when considering applying for any type of finance. Not only the prospect of being declined for a loan, but also the possibility of any loan coming with higher interest rates. Moolr have taken a look at how credit scores affect interest rates. Your […]

Credit Reports & Cifas Markers

Even if you are familiar with credit reports, credit scores and more, you may not have heard of Cifas. That is understandable, as not many have! With that in mind, Moolr thought it would be a good idea to take a brief look at credit reports & Cifas markers. What Is It? Cifas is a […]