Finance Terms – Q, R & S

In this blog article, we are looking at finance terms – Q,R & S. We discuss some of the most common terms used in the finance industry, to give you a wider understanding of what is out there. We hope it helps.

Quick Cash Loans

A term that is used to cast a wide net over many loans available on the market. All this term means is that it is a loan that the lender publicises by promising quick release of funds to the borrower. This probably means it is a short-term loan. For many, quick access to funds is a big plus point, and many will pay higher interest rates for this option.

Finance Terms – Q, R & S – Savings

What we all aspire to have! Easier said than done though, especially for me. Savings are such an important thing to ave, as they protect you from unexpected costs and events. Thus, if you are in a position to put money away each month, however little it may be, seize that opportunity. 

Finance Terms – Q, R & S -Secured Loans

A secured loan is a loan in which the borrower pledges some asset as collateral for the loan, which then becomes a secured debt owed to the creditor who gives the loan. A mortgage is a secured loan, as failure to make repayments could cost you the biggest asset of all, your house. But assets can be a number of things, such as a motor vehicle. 

Short Term Loans

A vague term, but a short-term loan could be any one under a year in length for repayments. Some argue that it is shorter than that, but the definition is not set in stone. Moolr help broker short term loans for those that most need them every single day. See what we can do for you, and take our no-obligation quote.

Finance Terms – Q, R & S – Small Loans

Another name for a loan used in the industry that is not easy to define. What is small? Hard to say, as it is rather subjective. For me, anything under £500 is a small loan, as loans can run into six or seven figures. But essentially a small loan is one that is likely to be paid off quickly, due to the lack of funds initially handed out. Payday loans can be seen as small loans, as are most short-term loans with quick repayment periods. 


What we all love doing, and the cause of many of our problems. If money is tight, always ensure that you monitor all your own spending, and record what you buy. This will help you budget accordingly.