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A Guide to Short Term Loans

As many people will be aware, it has in the past been difficult to borrow money, by way of a personal loan, if you are only looking to do over a small time period. Potential borrowers often search for short-term loan options when they simply need a small amount of money. They often need this to keep them going until their next payday. Usually, this will be the end of the month. However many banks and building societies prefer to get borrowers to take out longer-term loans.

These may last years. As the longer the loan, the more interest is paid back on top of each monthly repayment, short-term loans will usually have higher interest charges. This is because there are fewer repayment periods. It is important therefore that you balance your options. Budget carefully. Decide what you can afford to repay, and over what period you can make repayments comfortably. Account for any unexpected bumps along the way.

Spreading The Cost Can Be A Useful Tool

Requiring a short term loan is not automatically bad news though. Do not panic! There’s plenty of advantages for those searching for affordable short term loans. Here at Moolr, we are here to help you 24/7. We explain some of the best tips and tricks on how to find a short term loan that suits your needs. We aim to find you a loan that does not tie you to unmanageable levels of interest.

Do Your Research

We highly recommend that you treat a £1000 loan 2 years exactly like any other product. The rules are similar whatever you want to buy. There is a vast range of different products out there, so look at the terms provided, and consider your budget carefully. Some loans will be a much better fit for your own personal needs. Your needs are unique. Your circumstances are unique. Find the deal to suit you. Thus, it is important that you look around the market before you decide on any one product in particular. That’s why we created Moolr and brought together the best lenders on the market in one convenient place.

We’re Here To Help

With Moolr, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours of your day researching each individual product that lenders offer potential borrowers. We also offer a free and impartial advice section and a blog page that helps you tailor a product to your needs, and helps you to make the right decision. Have a look right now and see we it can help you save money on your next loan.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on our products and processes.

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Trying To Bring Loans To The Masses

At Moolr, we use our wealth of experience. We use it to help borrowers. Experienced lenders can help borrowers with bad or mixed credit histories. We provide an opportunity for such borrowers to rebuild their credit scores so that they have more opportunities in the future. We will endeavour to locate a loan to suit any individual.

By opting for a £1000 24 month loan, and making your repayments on time, you create an excellent opportunity. An opportunity to rebuild your credit score, You create a greater choice of financial products at excellent rates to choose in the future. you also give yourself peace of mind also. You ensure no avenues are blocked off in future. It is important though that you do not miss repayments. This could have a negative effect on your credit score.

Making regular repayments, and seizing control of your finances is priceless. Looking for the best deal only helps further and reduces what you have to pay back. Moolr will look for you, it is what we are passionate about and what we focus on.


A £1000 loan 2 years is a tried and trusted way of spreading borrowing costs. Such loans also carry a slightly lower risk to those lending than say, a 48 month loan, as there are only a half of the repayments required. Hence, this reduces the chances of a repayment being missed. Missing repayments could have a negative effect on your credit score. Our longest repayment term is for 5 year loans.

Let Moolr Assist you Today

Moolr specialises in finding loans for those with bad credit so if you apply via us, we will find the perfect loan for you. A loan we stress you are under NO obligation to proceed with. Take control of your finances today. Sort out financial problems and plan a brighter future.

To reiterate, proceed with a loan only when you have no doubts about the repayment terms or the period. Sit down, plan ahead, and be in control of your own destiny. Contact us, and read our articles, to give yourself a fuller idea of what is involved. Take control, and demand a brighter future.

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