The 10 Best Money Saving Sites On The Internet

Money saving sites can be a quick and easy way to help our money situation.

With many feeling the pinch of austere times in the UK right now, with no improvement on the horizon, here at Moolr we thought it may be a good idea to look at some of the best sites on the internet for those looking to save money. We’ve collated 20 money saving sites in all, and below are the first 10. Hopefully you can succeed in achieving some essential money saving by following the links below.


Not only are many products cheaper than anywhere else, as competition is high and sellers deliver to the UK from around the globe, but you can also take advantage of misspellings and get items for less than the seller had hoped for. Try this site, and find listings with mistakes that will thus be losing a lot of potential bidders. Money saving options galore by browsing this well-known site.

Hot UK Deals

A great site full of useful information, deals and freebies. Members post their deals which can be rated by everyone else, thus gaining a degree of “hotness”. Offers can be filtered into product type, and if you sign up to their newsletter you will get regular alerts about the best deals around, including plenty of freebies available online and in shops.

Millions of are paying more than we need to on our energy bills – it doesn’t have to be this way. USwitch will help you find a cheaper deal, should it exist. They’re free, impartial & accredited by Ofgem, and you have 14 days to cancel your switch should you change your mind. See also Website:

Groupon/Living Social/Wowcher

I have grouped the above sites into one, as they all offer a similar service. These are my favourite money saving sites. You probably know all about them by now, you certainly can’t avoid some of their adverts. Daily deals sent direct to your email, there are numerous great offers to be had, though it’s easy to get carried away, so beware! Websites:


It costs thousands of pounds to run the average car, as you will no doubt be aware. For many, that cost has become too much. So if you need to get from A to B, then why not catch a lift with someone else? Need to get to a festival, event or work? Simply run a search on your journey and find others going your way. Or, if you are still driving, offer a lift so others can find you! Share the cost and you could save thousands. Website:

Online Supermarket Sites

A great way to save money, if you are a new customer. All the supermarket sites periodically do money-off offers for first-time online shoppers, so it’s just a case of googling for offers and waiting for the right moment. Even with delivery charges, which can be as low as £1 anyway, you will be quids in. Just don’t get carried away by their offers section. For example, I tentatively used a Waitrose offer, thinking it would be expensive on there. They have plenty of offers though, delivery is free for orders of £60 or more, and regularly send me money off vouchers, for up to £20.

Say No To 0870

A great site that should you falling prey to premium rate numbers and the charges that accompany them. Simply type the name of the company you wish to call. Then Say No to 0870 will provide you with a local rate or even freephone alternative for you. This will help with occasional money saving. Website:

My favourite site for comparing flight prices to find the cheapest deal – and you can check hotels and car hire too, plus a few travel guides and articles. Website:

My Supermarket

Save up to 20% on your supermarket shop by comparing prices across the stores. You can search by section, and the site can be viewed via an App or on your computer. The opportunities for money saving are almost endless. Website:


A great place to pick up free items that people no longer require. Searches tend to be within the local area, and will require collection, but there are great bargains to be had. A local search for me shows a ceramic toilet, St. Johns uniforms, paving slabs and some gnomes available, just for starters! Website:

We hope this helps, and even if you don’t use any, then remember to regularly search for money saving sites – every little helps!

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10 best money saving sites