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Ways To Improve Your Financial Health

Spend Less Than You Earn When looking at ways to improve your financial health, this one is perhaps a bit too obvious! If only life were that simple. But what you really need is organisation and a budget. A budget you must stick to. A budget is not enjoyable, admittedly, but it is necessary. It can […]

Reasons To Need Savings

We all want to save money for when we need something extra. For many of us though that is little more than a pipe dream. But if you can put away a few pennies here and there, it could have a crucial role in making life easier. Moolr have taken a look at reasons to […]

Ways To Save Money

We all want to save money. It’s natural, unless you have more money than sense, to want to make your money go as far as problem. There are a hundred ways to do this, and we’ve had a look at the issue in the past. But we felt it was time to revisit. So with […]

How to get an instant payday loan?

When you apply for a payday loan it can seem quick, but not all lenders have the same application process. Here is what to expect when applying. We look at how to get an instant payday loan. Choose a Payday Loan To help you find the right payday loan, think about:– How Much You Need […]

Save Money On Household Bills

With winter now over, it is hopefully a better time for receiving bills as the cold weather becomes a distant memory. But the bills continue, and this is still a good time to look at how costs can be reduced in the future. After all, as a nation we are very poor at energy efficiency. […]

How to settle payday loans?

Payday loans are a quick and convenient way to borrow money for short periods of time. In some circumstances, it may make sense to take out a payday loan in order to settle other debts. Before you do this, do some research. Take the time to carefully read the fine print and determine whether taking […]

What is a cash advance?

Your credit card may come with the ability to make a transaction called a cash advance. You might consider using it when you want to get cash from your credit card. Know however that it’s one of the most expensive credit card transactions. We take a look in more detail at a common question: what […]

Things To Consider Before Taking Out A Loan

Here at Moolr, we are passionate about finding finance for all, including for those that have been declined in the past. However, we are also passionate about doing the right thing for our customers. And in some cases, that means not sourcing a loan. A loan is a vital resource for many, but it is […]

Debt Consolidation Errors

Debt consolidation is a form of debt refinancing that entails taking out one loan to pay off many others. This commonly refers to a personal finance process of individuals addressing high consumer debt. It is a useful tool for many borrowers, to simplify their finances and often save money in the process. However, it is […]

How do you receive a payday loan without a debit card?

How do lenders accept a borrower without a debit card for a payday loan? Moolr took a look at the factors involved in such a situation.If you have never borrowed money before then you may not be aware that you can get hold of a quick loan. you can do this without having to go […]

A Look At 95% Mortgages

A 95% mortgage is a loan for 95% of a property’s price. With a 95% mortgage, you’d need to provide a 5% deposit to cover the remainder. For example, if you wanted to buy a house worth £200,000 with a 95% mortgage, you’d borrow £190,000 (95% of the price) and put down £10,000 of your […]

Credit Cards vs Debit Cards: The Difference

Credit cards and debit cards typically look almost identical, with 16 digit card numbers, expiration dates, and personal identification codes. But that is where the similarity ends. Debit cards allow bank customers to spend money by drawing on funds they have deposited at the bank. Credit cards allow consumers to borrow money from the card […]