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Picking Charitable Causes

Almost all of us like giving regularly to charities. Picking charitable causes can be difficult though, as there is so much choice, and research you need to do. We took a look at the decision-making process. Feelgood In addition to assisting those in need, it also helps us feel good. However, just because something is […]

How A Falling Pound Affects You

I am sure many of you have seen the news about the pound struggling against other currencies, and wondered – what has this got to do with me? But it may well do. We take a look at how a falling pound affects you. How A Falling Pound Affects You – Rising Prices The price […]

What The Mini Budget Means For You

There was enough information in this statement that affected your finances to fill any full-scale Budget, whether it was referred to as a mini-budget or a fiscal event. Unlike what we would ordinarily expect, independent forecasts were not published. However, we do already know some of the effects on the pounds and pence in your […]

Evaluating The Worth Of Debt

There is a natural tendency to see all money owed as a bad thing. But this is not necessarily the case. We thought it a good time to think about evaluating the worth of debt. Good Debt v Bad Debt Debt is good debt if it raises your net worth or has future value, according […]

Signs Your Debt Is Out Of Control

When many people get into unsustainable debt, they turn a blind eye. But there are many signs that your debt is out of control. These are the main ones. Afraid To Check Balances You have too much debt if you avoid monitoring your credit card balances because you know they are excessive. However, this does […]

What Having No Money Taught Me

As it has been for many people, the last few years have been tough for me. With that in mind, I wrote a few thoughts about what having no money taught me. Spend Less! I drastically trimmed the fat and expenses before quitting my job. Compared to my previous life, I now require far less […]

Turn Failure Into Success

After recent events in my life, it felt like an opportune time to discuss a matter close to my heart. Namely, overcoming adversity, and turning failure into success. Learn From Failure – Turn Failure Into Success To gain knowledge, we fail. You wouldn’t learn if you never made mistakes. You’d simply be ideal in every […]

Increase Your Morning Productivity

I get up quite early. I feel guilty since I know I should start working right away and not squander time. least not during the week. But when working from home, it can be challenging to feel motivated right away. I then examined the factors that have contributed to my success. Here are some on […]

Marketing Your Own Business

One of the largest and scariest decisions you can make is to leave a steady job and start your own business. Additionally, it is very thrilling and often liberating. However, it is unquestionably perilous, therefore it should only be undertaken with caution and after careful planning. We took a look at marketing your own business. […]

Prioritising Debt v Saving

If you are fighting to pay off debt, the idea of recommending saving at the same time must sound absurd. After all, it seems reasonable that you want to pay off the debt as quickly as possible! But is it always the wisest choice to do so? You might be surprised to learn that there […]

Should You Buy Or Rent A Property?

It is a topic that, while less so in much of the globe, notably other areas of Europe, seems to be a matter of obsession in the UK. But there are questions that need to be answered. The age-old conundrum of renting vs. buying. We took a look at whether you should buy or rent […]

Save Money With Little Effort

Many tips to save a few pennies seem more bother than they are worth. But we found some ways to save money with little effort. And the savings all add up. Price Matching It goes without saying that you want to avoid overspending. Numerous stores, including John Lewis and Curry’s, have a price match promise […]

Should You Borrow From Loved Ones?

Sometimes it can seem easier to simply ask your friends or relatives for help when you need money but have poor credit. But should you borrow from loved ones? Both advantages and disadvantages of borrowing from friends or family are numerous. Has Its Uses When you need emergency cash, borrowing from family and friends can […]

Are Overdrafts A Good Idea?

Overdrafts. a well-known phrase and a banking service that millions of people use annually, frequently without giving it a second thought. But are overdrafts a good idea? Are Overdrafts A Good Idea? Can Be Expensive Authorized overdrafts, ones that you and your bank have agreed upon, may sound innocent, but they can still be very […]

Latest Energy Bill News

This is a worrying time for millions in the UK as energy bills continue to rise. With a new Prime Minister comes new pledges however. We examined the latest energy bill news. Latest Situation Basically, the government has cancelled the planned 1st October 80% rise in the energy price cap. There are still rises still […]

Tips For Making Money Online

There are a few things you should know before you start making money online. The most important thing to keep in mind is that although if some of these sites only pay little sums, when you add them all together, you may be looking at an annual windfall of several thousand pounds. We look at […]

Exercise For Free

We all aspire to be physically fit, I believe. While exercise does not have to be expensive, many people do spend a lot of money to keep in shape despite the fact that some people make a lot of effort to do so. Instead of just losing weight, it can be challenging to maintain your […]

The Advantages Of Monitoring Your Spending

Many people have little knowledge of their spending. When you consider that many of these folks frequently lack money, this is shocking. It is important to keep on top of your finances, so we took a look at the advantages of monitoring your spending. Keep A Diary This is accurate for many causes. Find the […]