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The Personal Loan Process

Those looking to borrow often ask us about the personal loan process. They want to know what is involved and if taking on credit is the right move for them. And often, they cite concerns over whether lenders will accept them. We took a look at what is involved. The Personal Loan Process – How […]

Vehicle Loans

Loans can be used for numerous purposes, but for many, the need to upgrade or keep a vehicle on the road is a pressing reason to take on extra debt. We took a look at what is involved with vehicle loans. Loan Requirements To acquire a car loan, you must be at least 18 years […]

Dealing With Debt

Many if not most of us have the continual issue of dealing with debt. For some it is no problem, and such people can deal with it their lives very easily. For others it can be very problematic indeed however. We took a look at how to deal with it in your life. Dealing With […]

Advantages Of Shopping Online

I have to admit that once the first lockdown occurred, i switched to home shopping and am not planning to return to regular physical shops. But why? Well, here are just some of the advantages of shopping online. Advantages Of Shopping Online – The Sheer Convenience Call me lazy if you want, but isn’t it […]

Questions To Ask When Renting

As someone who is currently looking for a new place to live in, i thought it a good time to consider the best and important questions to ask when renting. Which Bills Am I Responsible For? In most circumstances, you’ll be responsible for all household expenditures associated with a rental property, so get a total […]

Why House Prices Have Fallen

An interesting news story has developed in recent days. We are all used to, in the UK at least, house prices rising and rising for all eternity, as they were earlier in the year. But it seems that there has been a recent dip in average prices. For those wanting cheaper prices however, i would […]

The Lowdown On Wedding Loans

We often like to give loans niche names. But often we are talking about the same product, as a loan is a loan at the end of the day. But they serve different purposes, hence why some loans are marketed with certain names. With that in mind, we gave the lowdown on wedding loans. Weddings […]

Reasons Why Your Credit Score May Stay The Same

We have written extensively in the past about how to improve your credit score, and to keep on top of your report. But for many, despite constant attempts to better their rating, they see little or no improvement. We have examined some of the main reasons why your credit score may stay the same. Because […]

Sensible Short Term Loan Use

Short term loans get a bad press with many, because of the large interest rates they inevitably attract. But they are a very useful product for millions of people, if used correctly. So what is the correct way to use such a financial product? We examine sensible short term loan use. Sensible Short Term Loan […]

The Risks Of Being A Guarantor

A guarantor for a loan can be a lifesaver for those that struggle to obtain credit due to a mixed credit history. However, it is not a process that comes without its own problems. We took a look at the many risks of being a guarantor. Is it worth your while? What Is A Guarantor? […]

Responsible Credit Card Use

We thought it relevant to take another look at a topic that affects millions of people in the UK and beyond. And that is the issue of responsible credit card use. Here are our tips to make good use of a useful product. But a product that can also create untold woe.   Treat It […]

What Happens When You Apply For Credit

We all know about credit scores and reports and how many financial companies can look at our reports when considering whether to lend us money or not. But do you truly know what happens when they delve into your financial affairs? We thought it a good idea to take a look at what happens when […]

Advantages Of Buying A Property

In our last article, we took a look at the advantages of renting. So we thought it only fair to also look at the advantages of buying a property too. So we took a deep dive into why owning a home outright may be the right decision for you. Advantages Of Buying A Property – […]

The Biggest Myths About Taking Out A Loan

There are hundreds of types of loans on the market, and a lot is spoken about them. It is easy to confuse yourself with how they work and whether they are a good idea. So we thought it relevant to take a deeper dive. Here are some of the bigger myths about taking out a […]

Advantages Of Renting

In the UK at least, there is an obsession to own properties. This is not an obsession repeated across the continent and beyond. It is Ok to rent, though naturally there are advantages and disadvantages to doing so. We decided to focus on the positive for this article, and examine the advantages of renting. Advantages […]

Who Can View Your Credit Report?

Many people may be surprised when they learn just who can view your credit report, and how often it can happen. I only realised when i joined a credit bureau and they sent regular messages telling me. So with that in mind, we thought it might be a good idea to take a deep dive […]

How I Slashed My Expenses in 2021

If a global pandemic has taught me one thing personally, it is that my finances were a mess. And i needed to address that urgently. So over the past year and especially the last 6 months, i have forensically tried to reduce my outgoings. This is a chronicle of how i slashed my expenses in […]